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1800 vs 03: Which is The Key to Great Branding?!

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1800 vs 03: Which is The Key to Great Branding?!


TM Tollfree is a unique 1-800 phone number that can spell out your company or products in the vanity number to enable memorability for your phone line. Take your business to the next level with the benefits of TM Tollfree with ViSight Reporting.

The decision to invest in a TM Tollfree line may appear confusing depending on the direction of the specific business demand. Both tollfree and normal phone lines have advantages and disadvantages that make both desirable.

To begin, Tollfree enables Tollfree “smart” capabilities, applications, and upgrades that traditional desk phones cannot provide.

For example, based on your needs, our added functionality allows calls to be handled in many places. Our ViSight Toll-Free Reports can even highlight areas for improvement in your business, allowing you to build and develop it to the next level.

Essentially,  Tollfree can execute all of the popular features and specialities supplied by physical landlines while also providing a slew of other advantages.

The numbers are another distinction between Tollfree and actual landlines. TM Tollfree Numbers allows your business to remain mobile by not being tied to a single phone, device, or address, which allows your business to maintain adaptability and versatility.

Physical phone numbers, on the other hand, are attached to a single address, device, or phone, preventing them from being used for multiple purposes. However, both phones provide connectivity capabilities to link clients to the business.

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Here are a few advantages that TM Tollfree has over traditional desk phones:


1. Adaptability and portability

As previously indicated, ViSight Toll-free provides greater mobility of the number and eliminates the inconvenience of changing the number or office marketing collateral in the event of a relocation.

In contrast to fixed-line numbers, which have no portability option and must be changed to a new number, your Toll-Free number can be relocated within 48 hours with the maintenance of an existing number throughout Malaysia with a simple request.

It allows you to ensure that your firm may remain mobile if its office location needs to be relocated. With a TM Tollfree number, you can be certain that your business will have the same phone number no matter where it is situated.


2. Cost Reductions

The TM Tollfree setup process is less expensive than setting up a physical desk phone system. Desk phone numbers necessitate specialised hardware and installation throughout your office, which can easily cost hundreds of dollars.

TM Tollfree with ViSight Reporting, on the other hand, has low setup costs because existing devices may be used to control calls.


3. Memorability

It’s difficult to remember business phone numbers with everything going on. Clients remembering the phone numbers of loved ones is already a challenge. That’s where vanity business phone numbers come in.

For instance, the phone number for a business with a product called KUKU would be 1-800-88-KUKU. This is really simple to remember, and it doesn’t get any simpler than that. You can be creative with your vanity number if you don’t have a four-letter or seven-letter corporate name. Whatever you choose, a vanity phone number is easier to remember than a long string of numbers.


4. Reporting with ViSight

ViSight reports distinguish TM Tollfree from other services on the market. TM Tollfree enables businesses to derive genuine value from their phone call services. These reports give them a comprehensive picture of their organization’s phone-based communication, allowing them to make informed decisions based on previously difficult-to-find data. Sales, marketing, call centres, operations, and finance all benefit from greater efficiencies as a result of this.

ViSight reports were established to provide a mechanism for businesses to track, measure, and manage inbound phone interactions with their firm, as well as to provide a view of customer contact that isn’t easily obtained through traditional phone lines or Call Center software.


5. Professional Business Appearance

ViSight Toll-free ensures that phone numbers are consistent. It means that, even if the call will be routed to various members of a team, each member will be able to address the call professionally both individually and as a group. The call and any subsequent discussions will be communicated to all team members. By incorporating all members in all communications, ViSight Toll-free may also make huge groups feel intimate and unified.


6. No more dropped calls

Missed calls simply imply a loss of potential business or the possible loss of current customers. It is critical to keep an eye on this and guarantee that it does not persist.

ViSight Toll-free offers a number of alternatives to ensure that calls are not missed. The first alternative is to redirect the calls to a desk phone, cell phone, or other devices. The second alternative is to assign various virtual extensions to the appropriate representative for each department. The third option is to have all lines connected to the specified representative ring simultaneously. Another option is to have the call automatically sent to other team members. The fourth and final alternative is to use the ViSight Reporting tools, which allow you to view all lost opportunities and contact back any potential client.


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1-800: The Perfect Tool for Your Company’s Growth and Branding

TM Tollfree with ViSight Reporting was established in order to assist all businesses in increasing customer satisfaction. It is made possible by the toll-free system to manage incoming and outgoing calls efficiently and to ensure that customers’ calls and messages are never neglected. You will be able to grasp all aspects of your company’s operations with the help of our reports. This is crucial for any company to build an online presence in today’s world. You will never lose another consumer again.

TM Tollfree, in addition to the several capabilities that a traditional landline does not provide, provides a professional communication system with reports to assist customers and businesses in developing positive relationships.

Act now, before your customers leave you for a competitor. Subscribe to TM Tollfree for a stronger business strategy!

Tollfree is one essential tool for business growth. Be a step ahead. With TM Tollfree ViSight Reporting, you can budget for future marketing and sales efforts. Call 1 (800) 22 2020 or chat with SITI at for more information on Tollfree and ViSight.

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