3 Ways to Retain Your Customers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Even if your business needs to shut down because of health and safety concerns, during the coronavirus outbreak, there is the option to keep on serving your clients.

For small businesses, social distancing, while good for public health, is actually bad for the business. Since the coronavirus outbreak, foot traffic has dropped abruptly as more and more customers remain at home and self-quarantined.

Almost all business owners are worried that COVID-19’s impact will be bigger and longer-lasting than expected. As a consequence, during the coronavirus lockdown, companies in every industry are looking for ideas to attract and sustain their clients.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your staff and clients actively connected from afar.

  1. Communicate proactively with your customers

The situation is rapidly progressing, and no one is quite sure what news every day will be delivered. As long as you communicate with them properly, clients can empathise with sellers facing a crisis.

If you’re closing your doors, adjusting your hours and what measures you’re taking to keep your staff and work environment healthy and safe, let your clients know. Update your customers on your social media channels, through email and on your website if your store is going to close.

Interpret the steps you’re taking to minimize risks if your store remains open. For customers to see, download our customizable flyer that you can fill out and hang.

Give them ways to remain associated, beyond letting clients know the logistics of your approach. Customers who spend far more time at home will always have to shop for stuff. Direct customers to your e-commerce store, accept orders through social media platforms and be ready for your website to be viewed by more customers than in previous months.

  1. Practising Social Distancing? Do Video Chat With The Customers. 

To continue to provide access to your customers who are sitting at home, go digital with your services, wishing they could support your business. Tutors, personal trainers and even therapists have virtually made themselves available. To offer your services remotely, use a free tool like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom.

  1. Online Event? It’s Really Effective! 

The biggest point of pain for some businesses has come from cancelled events. Recognize that while being quarantined at home, most consumers are craving for entertainment. This is where it may come in handy for Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

If you have scheduled a store opening, product launch or anniversary celebration, move it to one of the social media channels for live streaming.

It’s a great way to keep your clients engaged and create goodwill, as well as to sell your goods. Offer the first 100 people streaming your live event with a special discount code, or create an “exclusive” behind the scenes look at a new product on your email list for customers.

Get creative with how you can still make clients feel invested in your brand and engaged from a distance with your content.

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