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Voice Calls: 5 Reasons Why You Need It To Get More Revenue

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COVID-19 has altered the way businesses conduct their operations. The epidemic has pushed worldwide digitalisation for all firms, regardless of industry. As lockdowns and work-from-home directives were adopted around the world, most firms were compelled to get online, and employees were compelled to work from home or other distant locations.

It is now more necessary than ever to communicate digitally, especially through voice communication via professional phone calls. As much as 70% of mobile searches ended with calling the business followed by the search intent according to Google statistics. It is hence critical for any firm with an online presence, regardless of size, to equip with a voice communication platform.

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5 key points to why business phone calls are critically vital especially during COVID-19


  1. Human interaction is regaining popularity

Because FAQs and online information are impersonal, customers may find them general and unhelpful. During these exceptional times, nothing matches the feeling of speaking with a real person and having their questions answered or desires acknowledged.

The human connection provides delight and caring to business calls while people are stranded at home. By offering a better customer experience, this personalised service will ensure that your business succeeds.


  1. Responding to important inquiries ‍

During the epidemic, internet transactions soared, and this trend will continue as people get more comfortable making purchases online. While the infection is still there, customers may be hesitant to visit a physical store. Customers have become more price-sensitive as a result of the epidemic, as their income may have been impacted.

As a result, in order to decrease ambiguity and drive faster conversions, businesses must present accurate, up-to-date information about their products and services. Being unable to pick up a prospect’s incoming call to answer key questions may jeopardise your company’s ability to retain clients or close new sales as business phone calls become more common!


  1. Prompt & courteous customer service ‍

When someone phones a business these days, it is usually because they have an urgent need. Questions concerning new regulations, such as postponing appointments owing to new government limits, are among these criteria. Slow responses will damage customer loyalty because they are more readily annoyed at such times.

When it comes to aiding clients with important concerns, having a competent, helpful person connection on the other end of the call is tremendously valuable. Businesses that recognize and respond to these demands will earn more trust at a time when it is most required.


  1. It adds to your online presence

During COVID-19, many businesses went online, but they may not have gone to the same lengths to bring their phone conversations with them. Consumers who undertake a local search are more likely to visit or call a store within 24 hours. This is why, even if your company is now completely digitised, business phone conversations remain highly relevant.

Customers today have more reasons than ever to contact a business. Customers are advised to phone a company before leaving the house to learn about the organisation’s regular operating procedures in order to safeguard their personal safety. Those who purchase items online may do so in order to gain a better understanding of the product because they are unable to browse in a physical store.


  1. Reliable & Timely

Picking up the phone and dialing the number is usually faster and easier. Unlike video conversations or messages, phone calls ensure that communication is explicit and not misconstrued. A phone call is the greatest option for clients to seek immediate assistance especially when they have an urgent need.


The Perfect Tool for Your Company’s Growth and Branding

ViSight Tollfree was established in order to assist all businesses in increasing customer satisfaction. It is made possible by the toll-free system to manage incoming and outgoing calls efficiently and to ensure that customers’ calls and messages are never neglected. You will be able to grasp all aspects of your company’s operations with the help of our reports. This is crucial for any company to build an online presence in today’s world. You will never lose another consumer again.

ViSight Tollfree, in addition to the several capabilities that a traditional landline does not provide, provides a professional communication system with reports to assist customers and businesses in developing positive relationships.

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