6 Reasons Why All Start-ups Need a Tollfree Number!

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Despite the numerous advanced technologies, there are still some things in the business sector that remain unchanged. A tollfree number is part of it. Regardless of your business size, as you’re new to grow your business, there are so many benefits you can gain from having a Tollfree number. 

You have probably seen commercials of the Tollfree numbers on business cards, websites, and billboards. Those numbers are vitally important not only for large corporations but also for small businesses. 

First, it starts by enhancing your reputation and credibility, making your business looks more professional. Additionally, it also increases your excellent factor in customer experience. A tollfree number can become the best choice for your business if you plan to do cost-efficient marketing campaigns. 

Here are 6 reasons why all start-ups need a Tollfree number! Check them out:

It’s Easy to Remember 

Tollfree number is something that will be very convenient for them to memorize when you already start to have a loyal customer base. This makes the entire difference, rather than trying to memorize various mobile numbers. 

This advantage is further heightened, especially when you have a vanity number. 1-800-BEAUTY, for example, rather than just some random phone number. 

When the number is easily memorised by customers, those with problems can also contact you quickly at any given time. This makes you more accessible and returns to the benefit of better customer service. 

Customer satisfaction? Leave it to Tollfree! 

On the operational side of the business, one cannot deny that you’ll encounter problems with your customers, one way or another. These clients will need to contact you at any given time of day to resolve their issues. 

Microsoft stated that around the globe, 96% of clients say customer service is a significant factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Superior customer service can bring in higher profit and you will not lose customers to your competitors. With 89 percent of businesses expected to compete over customer experience in the near future, organizations taking customer experience seriously will stand out from the commotion and win customer loyalty. 

With TM Tollfree, your customer service will boost higher than you ever expected. This is because a ViSight report comes along with a TM Tollfree subscription. With the Time of the Day report, your management can distribute staff in charge to be available at any possible time. No more unanswered calls or unsettled inquiries faced by customers. 

TM Tollfree makes your business sounds professional! 

You want to leave a good impression when your customers call out to your business. With a Tollfree number, you can run your business literally using your cell phone or home phone to function like a Fortune 500 business. Also, a toll-free number isn’t one you’ll change regularly. So, when you have one, it makes new customers feel they can trust you with long-term contracts since you’re a long-term business that will stick around. 

The national presence is confirmed! 

For companies that have only just started their operations, your objective is always to expand in terms of coverage. You need to aim to serve clients beyond just your local circle. Otherwise, you are not going to grow and become competitive. 

You ‘re able to achieve national presence successfully with a TM Tollfree number. This gives you coverage of both national and even international scope. As you start serving customers from various locations, your accessibility is not affected, because your Tollfree number is the representation of your business. 

Digital Marketing Package for FREE! 

Who dislikes FREE gift in return for a purchase? Nobody! Everyone loves it. 

This offer will surprise you. Read this carefully,  


Only if you subscribe to TM Tollfree service. Looks like it’s a BIG YES to your business. Digitalisation of operation can boost your online presence. Make it easier for customers and even potential customers to look up to your business.  

No worries, Cyngus Technologies assists businesses to digitalise their operation by offering:  

  1. Free RM 1,500 Online Marketing Budget – FB Ad, Google Ad, and Youtube Ad.  
  1. Free digital banner 
  1. Free online competitor analysis 
  1. Free strategy consultation – Best practices for digital marketing 

When you subscribe to a Tollfree number that starts from RM 98 only! Don’t miss this opportunity! Call us now – 1 800 22 2020 

Marketing Campaign Tracker at its best! 

Unlike the old days, you’re able to track your online and offline marketing campaign with just a click away. With daily updates, you’re able to plan the next move of your marketing strategies. Even your expenses can be managed properly. No more overspending over non-efficient marketing campaigns. 

You ‘re able to make new opportunities with TM Tollfree Visight Report for a Tollfree subscription. ViSight Tollfree helps your business to expand to certain areas at which your product receives a high level of interest by your potential customers. 

The portal will present callers origin from a different location, town, and even district. Plus, companies can maximize customer loyalty by devoting more attention to areas with strong preference and focusing on customer service. It will make it easier for your business to plan cost-effective marketing campaigns, especially without the need to invest much.  

Last but not least, start-ups must subscribe to TM Tollfree service. The reasons are listed above and its proven effective by big businesses out there. Surely you don’t want to miss the chances. What are you waiting for? Call us at 1 800 22 2020 or talk to SITI at www.tollfreemalaysia.com for more details regarding TM Tollfree. 

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