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79% of Users Want Human Contact When Comes to Customer Service.

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“Sorry, all our representatives are busy right now, please leave a message after the tone…”


Customers often get to hear this when it comes to busy call operator.

How many of you actually did leave a message after the tone? And how many were followed up by the customer care after that?


I wouldn’t say any, but less!


Unhappy customers usually hung up without leaving a message due to voice mail and probably from there, you’ve lost these customers to your competitor.


According to, a survey shows that 79% is of customers prefer to deal with human either face to face or over the phone. While on the other hand. statistic below also points out that 67% of them got frustrated when they couldn’t talk to a real person. This has proven that customers are most likely prefer more human being over “human-less” customer service.


For those businesses who are looking to reduce customer service costs risk a fall in customer satisfaction rates if they rely on technology not backed up by the option of expert human contact. U.S companies are losing out customers because of the demand for more human interaction customer services.


So, why not surprise your customer by having someone professional to attend to them whenever they call in even though all your customer cares are busy?



Call Forwarding – Added Value For Your Tollfree Number

Answering calls from different time zone could be difficult and by having call forwarding features you will never miss a call even though you are away from your phone. Call forwarding allows you to route incoming calls to any of your devices, to any department or even to any location.


What are the benefits?

  • Automatically forward phone call to desired answer point
  • Can specify the number of time each phone rings before forwarding to next answer point
  • Set an equal percentage for customer services to answer an incoming call.
  • Avoiding incoming call drop off when is redirected to voicemail


Is time for your business to be there always when customers are looking for you. Make your customer happy today!

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