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9 Ways How Tollfree Can Benefit SMEs During A Crisis

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Malaysia is now entering the recovery phase of COVID-19. Business activities in Malaysia are resuming as well as the economic activities froze for three months due to lockdown are un-paused. Going back to operation at such time requires effective strategic planning to grow business amidst this crisis.

Are you looking for the right strategy to implement to grow your business post-MCO?


Well Telekom Malaysia’s Tollfree is your answer!


What? Yes, you heard that right. Businesses use Tollfree service to increase sales and increase the Return on Investment (ROI). Not to forget, it provides brand credibility and recognition too. A Tollfree number becomes an essential business asset, regardless of your company size, and it’s affordable as well to start with!

Why does a small business need a Tollfree number? They need it to sustain customers, build the brand, and enhance marketing campaigns.

Check out these 9 ways how TM Tollfree can benefit SMEs during a crisis:

Easy-to-recall number

Vanity phone numbers or Tollfree numbers are rememberable business phone numbers that are easy to advertise. The sequencing or spelling of vanity phone numbers enables creative marketing. Vanity phone numbers are also very useful in strengthening your brand image.

Based on recent research, it’s stated that 72% of people remembered vanity numbers after a 30-second advertisement. While only 5% of people can only remember the same advertisement with a numeric number.

For small business owners who wanted to apply for vanity numbers, don’t worry. You don’t need to spend a fortune on the equipment and setting charges. Great news, there’ll be no charge for vanity numbers when you subscribe to TM Tollfree service. You can even have a vanity number like 1800 CANTIK (It’s available now for registration).

Free call for customers

It’s a free call for customers who dial 1800 Tollfree number. This number encourages customers to call at any time whenever they have inquiries. Free Call – Happy Customer – Customer Loyalty – You Happy!

Boost your brand visibility

With TM Tollfree, you’re increasing the brand’s transparency by making it easier for new customers to reach your business.

It uplifts your brand image because Tollfree numbers are easy to recall and it gives a good impression to your potential customers, creating a sense of trust in potential customers.

Best ROI and marketing tracker 

Do you know that TM Tollfree numbers can measure your offline marketing campaigns? TM Tollfree service helps you track and measure the ROI of your business. You’re able to know which campaign leads more phone calls when you display the Tollfree number on your site or a to particular campaign collateral- able to measure even by marketing channel.


Location doesn’t matter with TM Tollfree numbers. Relocating your business? Your customers won’t even know! Customers can still reach your Tollfree number regardless of where you are. How? Once you purchased a Tollfree number, that number is yours forever, once you moved to another location you just have to attach the latest fixed number to a Tollfree number. In fact, you can add more answerpoints to handle many calls from different locations.

One step ahead from competitors 

Being one step ahead of your competitors is a good sign for your business growth. How to know if you’re a step ahead? By subscribing to TM Tollfree, you’ll gain more insights about your customers.

It also tracks prospects and leads to ensure important customer calls are not missed. You can return calls to promote successful lead acquisition faster than your competitors.

You don’t want to lose your customers for simple reasons, do you?

47% of customers would bring their business to a competitor after experiencing poor customer services. Return customer calls to stay ahead of the competition. Do it before they turn uninterested.

Tollfree can ensure business continuity during a crisis 

TM Tollfree service provides you with the greatest solution that optimises your business growth during a crisis. With TM Tollfree Visight Report you can expand your products and solutions to areas that are starting to have interest in post-marketing campaigns.

The portal will show the origin of callers from a different city, region, and even suburb area. Thus, businesses can keep customers by giving more attention to areas with higher demand. It enables businesses to plan for cost-effective marketing campaigns during a crisis without the need to spend a lot.

RM1,500 worth of digital marketing packages for FREE!

By spending only RM98 for a TM Tollfree subscription, you’ll receive RM1,500 worth of digital marketing packages for FREE! Cyngus Technologies helps businesses to digitalise their marketing campaign by offering free strategy consultation, free online competitor analysis, and free digital banner.

Be advised that there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before you are qualified for this FREE package!

Superior customer satisfaction

Companies need customers for their business to grow bigger. Sustaining the existing customers is profitable than new customers. Great customer services can make your existing customer stay loyal with your business.

Poor customer service can lead companies to lose 71% of customers. To avoid any loss, you need to provide top-notch customer satisfaction. You can deal with your customers better with TM Tollfree ViSight Reporting.

For example, the Time of Day report can help you manage your staff to be available at the specific date and time as it displays inbound calls by the hour. The benefits of the Time of Day Report are- more precise allocation of resources, improve customer satisfaction, and boost Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Boost your customers’ experience by having a memorable number for customers to recall regardless of their location.

The lists are endless when it comes to the benefit and usage of TM Tollfree. Now, it’s time to say YES to TM Tollfree. It’s never too late for your company to make a Tollfree number as a part of your marketing strategies. TM Tollfree is the best marketing tool for your business to take advantage of during a crisis. For more details about Tollfree and ViSight reporting, call us at 1800 22 2020 or chat with SITI at

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