Who are we?

Tollfree Malaysia is the leading toll free service provider in Malaysia. Powered by Cyngus Technologies and working in partnership with Telekom Malaysia, Tollfree Malaysia has brought tollfree services and business intelligence reporting to over 5,000 Malaysian businesses for the past 10 years. Tollfree Malaysia has helped businesses in Malaysia uncover greater potentials in sales and customer engagement spanning from marketing and customer services, earning Tollfree Malaysia the award “Best Tollfree Service Provider in Malaysia” by Frost & Sullivan.

We help create love between companies and customers

Every customer brings value to your business and it is absolutely important to create high satisfaction between your business and your customers so they will help scale positive word of mouth for your business.

Therefore, there is never a reason to slow down on satisfying your audiences, especially they are chatting with you live over phone. With Tollfree Malaysia, you can provide a better customer service experience for your customers.

Keeping things simple and easy

Tollfree Malaysia offer businesses wide range of top tier streamlined telecommunication solutions, a much easier and efficient way for a better customer service experience. Having the flexibility of choosing your own phone number and customized it to your brand e.g 1800-88-KKIT, this helps to create a credibility image for your business. Not only is easy for your customers to remember your brand, but also to call you up!