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An Introduction to ViSight Marketing as a Service aka VMaaS

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Running a business is complex, and there are many things to consider. For most companies, marketing is critical because it spread the word about their company and attract new customers. However, as time passes, marketing systems must also evolve. Customers’ demands change quickly, there is a greater reliance on technology, and maintaining a constant social media presence is essential.

When relying on in-house marketing professionals, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) find it difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with changing marketing needs. Finding experts in all areas to launch and maintain a marketing campaign without blowing the budget is extremely difficult. From human resources and financial standpoint, this is not feasible for SMBs.

ViSight Marketing as a Service (VMaaS) is a solution to this problem. It enables startups and smaller businesses to fully execute marketing campaigns while allowing in-house personnel to focus on its fundamental and daily business needs.

How ViSight Marketing as a Service Works

A company that uses ViSight Marketing as a Service hires an outside firm to handle many of its marketing needs. The company retains control over the project but isn’t directly involved in all of the details or execution, focusing on other matters. These outside resources assist in developing marketing strategies, creating relevant content, and implementing campaigns across multiple media platforms such as digital and print.

VMaaS marketing creates a campaign framework and then customises each one by plugging in a company’s specific needs and information. As a result, multiple skillsets can be engaged for a faster turnaround time.

ViSight Marketing as Service companies can provide a wide range of services to their customers. Some of these are:

  • Initial and ongoing website content, such as page setup and blogs
  • Design of the overall campaign
  • Creation of landing pages
  • Generating customer leads
  • Personalised organic and local SEO strategy
  • Integration of analytics
  • Communication with the public
  • Use of social media
  • Measuring the return on investment

How VMaaS Benefits SMBs

ViSight ViSight Marketing as a Service is especially advantageous for small and medium-sized businesses and new businesses. When companies are trying to cut costs, the marketing department is often one of the first to be cut, resulting in short on staff teams but not short on work. Each employee may have a single skill, limiting their ability to work on marketing and leaving gaps in the project.

With so many different parts to a campaign, such as print, digital, broadcast, and social media, some areas will inevitably fall short, and the drive will not be as effective as it could be. This problem is solved by VMaaS, which provides all aspects of marketing, resulting in a complete and successful campaign. This also frees up the marketing team to focus on other critical business needs.

Small and medium-sized businesses that use a VMaaS company get a professional brand that helps them perform and appear larger than they are. This provides a modern user experience for current and future clients and supports the company to grow faster than expected.

VMaaS Has Advantages to Large Companies as Well

While VMaaS is ideal for small and medium businesses, it does not rule out the possibility of enterprise and franchise-type companies benefiting from it. More prominent brands often have their in-house marketing teams that can cover a wide range of skill sets, but ViSight Marketing as a Service can be helpful in some situations. These include the following:

  • When entering a new market
  • When introducing a new product
  • When trying out new technology or channel
  • Anything that extends outside the skillset or experience of current employees

Functions Perfect for VMaaS Marketing

Some may wonder if VMaaS will take over all of an SMB’s marketing functions, and the answer is no. In-house marketing teams can handle a wide range of tasks, especially once they are appropriately set up. Brand messaging, client acquisition strategies, content strategy, social media management, market research, and channel strategy are core functions that companies may choose to keep in-house.

Because many marketing professionals aren’t tech-savvy, VMaaS shines in this area. This is especially true as technology advances at a breakneck pace that is difficult to keep up with. As a result, SMBs face a possible banana-peel moment when it comes to staying on top of marketing technology trends when it comes to time and resources.

While keeping core functions in-house can help keep costs down, outsourcing non-core functions that can make a big difference in a company’s presence is often more cost-effective. These features include:

  • Development of content
  • Content presentation
  • Design of print and online media
  • Public relations
  • UI and UX design
  • Lead scoring
  • Automation of marketing
  • Programs that generate interest for a service or product

When it comes to marketing, it’s critical to get a campaign off to a good start because it’ll be easier to keep it going in the long run. ViSight Marketing as a Service (VMaaS) enables businesses to implement strategies and procedures to streamline the process quickly.

Advancing Marketing Execution

Whether or not businesses have a dedicated in-house team for marketing, most companies understand their brand entirely and thoroughly. However, using a ViSight Marketing as a Service company helps successfully execute marketing campaigns. There are four ways ViSight Marketing as a Service can improve the implementation of marketing.

A Different Approach to Marketing

ViSight Marketing as a Service (VMaaS) is a comprehensive strategy for establishing a professional brand for businesses that have previously been unable to do so due to a lack of resources. Each programme is tailored to individual clients’ needs, who can opt for a single service or a package of services for a comprehensive marketing package. Businesses that use VMaaS learn a lot more about themselves and can focus on specific marketing goals.

ViSight Marketing as a Service begins by assisting businesses in clarifying their mission and objectives. Then they can concentrate on precisely what they’re selling and who their target market is to engage them in a targeted manner. VMaaS aims to assist businesses in developing valuable client relationships by discussing primary business practices and strategies.

There’s a lot more to ViSight Marketing as a Service than just marketing. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, as providers get to know and understand each business to meet unique requirements. Businesses of all sizes should concentrate on their objectives and the strategies they intend to employ to achieve them. A good VMaaS company will look into the business to see what platforms and tools are currently in use and the people and processes that can help drive success.


Adapting to changing times necessitates the ability to change with them. Flexibility is critical for a company to capitalise on real-time opportunities. VMaaS is hosted in the cloud, allowing for more efficient operations and marketing strategy flexibility. Businesses can now share not only relevant but also current and minute-by-minute messaging. This engages current and potential customers in a novel and exciting way.

Evaluate the Needs of the Business

Companies should analyse their operations before hiring a ViSight Marketing as a Service provider to ensure that they are getting the best value for their money. A good question to ask is, “Why do we need outside help?” If SMBs can pinpoint these issues, whether they are general inefficiencies, poor client retention, missed deadlines, or poor ROI, they will be able to get more out of a VMaaS.

Businesses should look at their existing marketing team to see what skills they already have. They can then use a VMaaS company to find the rest of the skills they require. Businesses should research different ViSight Marketing as a Service company and ask them specific questions about their needs, such as whether they are implementing a new process or technology, and what their track record of success with other businesses is, in addition to determining which skill sets are required.


VMaaS has marketing experts who specialise in several niches that an in-house marketing team may lack. A provider’s skill sets, know-how, and experience can make a big difference in a company’s marketing campaign’s success and the number of potential clients it reaches.

Better Management of Time

When marketing teams can focus on what they are good at and what they know best, they are more productive. Using ViSight Marketing as a Service provider to work on non-essential areas allows marketing professionals to focus on core business functions, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity across the board. This saves not only time but also money. 

New Viewpoint

It’s easy for businesses to become engrossed in what’s right in front of them, making it difficult for them to see the big picture. ViSight Marketing as a Service allows a marketing department to take a step back from day-to-day operations and assess current campaigns’ effectiveness.

Programs are constantly analysed and measured with VMaaS to see which campaigns are successful and which are not. ViSight Marketing as a Service company can provide fresh perspectives on saving money, increasing productivity, and getting a better return on investment.

Get VMaaS for Your Business

If you’re a new startup just getting started, a small business that needs help with all marketing needs, or a large company that only needs marketing help for one specific programme, VMaaS is for you. It provides you with access to a complete marketing team to establish a professional presence for your business.

Marketing resources of all kinds are available through ViSight ViSight Marketing as a Service for various industries, including education, medical, law, dental, retail, clubs, home services, food, and more. We work with companies of all sizes to develop marketing strategies that increase website traffic, improve their digital presence, strengthen their brand, and increase profits.

Businesses can boost their presence in a big way with ViSight Marketing as a Service without having to do all of the work that comes with success. A team of experts uses their tools, technology, and expertise to streamline the process and deliver whatever marketing needs you to require once you’ve defined your goals and brand identity. VMaaS can relieve stress and save money in the long run for many businesses struggling to keep up with everything that running a business entail.

If you’re ready to get the comprehensive marketing strategy, you’ve always wanted but never knew how to get, contact ViSight Marketing as a Service today  at 1 800 22 2020 or visit our website to learn more about how we can help you.

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