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Benefits of a Toll Free Number for your Business

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Back when payphones were still a thing, and people didn’t have unlimited plans, toll free was a real hype. The fact that toll free calls were charged less or were completely free made people interact with companies more than they would have. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff right?

Fast forward to 2018. Telco service providers are giving heavily discounted phone charges and putting toll free charges at a disadvantage.

This is when we start to wonder how toll free numbers are still a thing. With growing competition from different communication channels, toll free has sometimes taken a backseat in a company’s marketing campaign. Nevertheless, toll free has remained resilient thanks to a few killer features that we will cover below.

Toll Free Malaysia | Apply Toll Free


The main benefit of toll free has been and still is about branding.

Most of us can still remember McDonald’s and their toll free 1300-13-1300 sing-along song and adverts that used to play everywhere. The easier it is to remember, the better!

A toll free number portraying your company name will instantly boost the image that you are trying to create. People tend to have more confidence in a company that has invested in a toll free number than one that hasn’t.

How does one get a memorable toll free number? Toll free number service providers advise that the most effective ones are vanity phone numbers (1800-88-FREE), repetitive numbers (1300-88-2222) and acronyms (1800-22-MCMC).

Toll Free Malaysia | Apply Toll Free


Another plus point for businesses is the fact that you keep your toll free number even when changing office or location. Portability allows you to move to another part of Malaysia and not miss a single call from one of your potential clients or customers.


Another often overlooked benefit of a toll free number is the reporting aspect. Companies who use a toll free number stand to gain valuable insights in relation to the customer’s calling patterns and trends. Telekom Malaysia’s toll free reporting, for example, taps directly into the network level, providing customers with details of missed opportunities, call locations and durations among others. Better insights lead to better decisions.

Toll Free Malaysia | 1300 number | 1800 number

There is enormous value in providing a toll free number to customers so they can reach you. Toll free remains an important part of providing a truly omnichannel customer experience to your clients – your business should not be without one.

Located in Malaysia? Want to get a toll free number for your business?  Just click here and submit your info and our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

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