Brand Awareness Ultimate Guide For Your Business

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Have you ever heard people refer to themselves as “Nike people”, “Apple people,”  or “Trader Joe’s” people?

This is what brand awareness can do for a brand: embed it in consumer lifestyles and buy habits so they don’t have to think twice before they become a customer — again and again.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness reflects how familiar your target audience is and how well they recognize your brand. Brands with strong brand recognition are generally referred to as “trendy,” “buzzworthy,” or simply “commercially successful.” Brand awareness is valuable when marketing and promoting your company and products, particularly at the early stages of a business.

Brand awareness may sound like a vague concept, and in truth it does. The brand awareness will probably ruffle your feathers for those marketers and business owners out there who like to gage success with neat and tidy numbers.

But just because it’s not a perfectly determinable metric doesn’t mean it doesn’t carry value. Brand awareness is of enormous importance for business success and overall marketing objectives. Here’s why.

Brand awareness fosters trust.

In a world where consumers rely on extensive research and the opinions of others before they make a purchase, brand confidence is all. Once a consumer bond with your brand, they are more likely to make repeated purchases with little to no forethought – which bridges the gap between confidence and loyalty.

Brand awareness establishes trust in that brand. Consumers can trust easier when you put a proverbial face to their brand name. Brand awareness efforts create a personality and outlet for your brand to be sincere, receive feedback and tell a story. These are all ways in which we, as humans, build mutual trust. The relationship between human and brand isn’t any different.

Brand awareness creates an association.

I bet you put on a Band-Aid when you’ve had a paper cut. I’m sure you’ve Googled that when you had a pressing question. And when you wanted to sip for a chocolate drink, you’ll buy Milo.

Speaking in brand-less terms, Band-Aid should be referred to as bandage, Google, as a search engine, and Milo as a chocolate drink. But it’s more fun to refer to the brand itself, even if we aren’t using their specific product. Am I right? Probably. But … But … Note how a few of the above words are capitalized. These are marks rather than nouns or verbs.

That is what awareness of the brand does. It associates actions and products with specific brands, prompting us subconsciously to replace common words with branded terms. And before you know it, the marketing for us is done with simple paper cuts or picnics.

Brand awareness builds brand equity.

Brand equity describes the value of a brand which is determined by consumer experiences with and overall brand perception. Positive experiences and perception are equal to positive brand equity and negative notions are the same.

Here are a few valuable things that come from positive brand equity:

  • Higher prices due to higher perceived value
  • A higher stock price
  • The ability to expand business through product or service line extensions
  • Greater social impact due to brand name value

How does a brand create (and boost) brand equity? By building awareness about the brand and consistently promoting positive brand experiences. Brand awareness is the basis of brand equity.

Once a consumer is aware of a brand, they begin to recognize it without assistance, try to make a purchase, start preferring it over other similar brands and establish a loyalty that not only encourages other purchases but also inspires family and friends’ recommendations.

That’s what makes brand awareness so important, my friends. It builds confidence with your customers, creates positive associations, and builds invaluable brand equity which enables your brand to become a household name and consumer staple. 

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