Business Statistics of Tollfree Numbers

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In a competitive business world. Businesses are taking more customer-oriented approaches to each of their business activities. This approach ranges from marketing to product designs and development and to support system. One of such customer-oriented service delivery approach is the use of Tollfree number for communication purpose. Knowing that 79% of users want human contact when it comes to customer service, businesses have been taking advantage of the figures and Tollfree call system. And as such, impact of Tollfree number is measurable and noticed to be profitable.

According to Tollfree business statistics, Tollfree numbers encourage an increase in telephone orders. And based on the current trend, it should reach about 30% -60%. Product returns or post-sale order cancellations are also slated to reduce to about 50%. The current trend also indicates that the word-of-mouth testimonial and referrers will reach about 200%.

A Tollfree, Free call, or a Freephone number is identified by a dialling prefix similar to a geographic area code. It can have prefixes such as 1 300, 1 800, etc. The specific service access numbers vary by country. There are over 52 countries in the world that uses Tollfree numbers.


In businesses, Tollfree numbers remain an indispensable asset. A study of American businesses shows that 98% of resident Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 use Tollfree numbers regularly while about 68% of the teens make Tollfree calls. About 50 Tollfree calls are made per year by an average citizen. Here are other random statistical facts about Tollfree numbers.

  • Tollfree calling generates approximately RM 845 billion annual sales, in a single year of the early 2000s.
  • With 1800 being Malaysia’s top call Tollfree prefix, over 84% of internet users try to look for product information (including contact numbers) so that they can make a purchase.
  • With a fast-growing number of telephone users, more phone calls are being made to confirm the genuineness of a brand and their business offering, before customers decide to purchase with their mobile phones. About 95% of such calls convert into sales.
  • In business analytics and marketing, an ad with a Tollfree number has a strong potential of generating 30% more orders. In fact, Bellcore, found out that up to 600% increase response is gotten from adverts. Hence, having a Tollfree number as a part of an advertising campaign will certainly generate more leads.
  • Interestingly, not just businesses are able to benefit from the value of advertising with Tollfree numbers. Fund-raising firms are also able to increase the number of people reaching out to them, up to 25%, just by adding their 1300, 1800, or other Tollfree numbers.
  • Although some people feel it is not necessary, a study reported that 58% of folks would prefer to reach a business brand via vanity number than Tollfree number.

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