Call versus Messaging: Which is Better for Customer-to-Brand Communication?

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Communication is at the top list when it comes to excellent customer service. The dimension of communication could be between subordinates and super-ordinates. Regardless, the critical thing is to make business count among these people. It is expected that when customers have technical issues or enquiries and urgent questions, swift responses are provided whether via calls or messages. Instant customer service is not only helpful but expected of every customer service. The result of this satisfying service is loyalty from customers and referrals through impeccable service.


Talking about what calls could do to business, the advantages are too immense. The primary thing is that customer relationship is strongly encouraged through adequate attendance to calls. With adequate communication, the relationships of customers are sustained, and their needs are met in the right proportion and with immediate effect.

Going further, calls could enhance the awareness a brand deserves in that when the number is always available, customers tend to recommend the same for others. This means that customers whose needs have been met when there are, it becomes very more friendly for them to make recommendations for their friends and even be repeat customers. By adequate recommendation, less work becomes easier for a business brand as to what the customers stand to win or enjoy for being with the brand. In the long run, the brand is not only known through the ‘passive’ awareness of the clients, but the right information gets to the right person at the right time without a formal introduction.

Calls remain almost the most preferable form of communication because of the immediacy it offers to customers. However, many people seek alternatives with messaging because of the enormous cost of making a call, especially if it has to be between inter-states or international. To bridge this gap, top businesses have been getting toll-free numbers, which allow their customers to call them at little or no charge at all.

This is one strength that brand would always to get along in the business of making their brand count in that customers get to make their complaints known without being scared and without being a charge for their calls. Of course, everyone loves free things, so for the brand to provide a toll-free number for their brand, many customers are enticed, and this helps the brand in general. Customers can get to voice out their opinions in more details, and business brands have real-life information about how they can improve their brands.

Many businesses have been leveraging toll-free numbers (1300, 1800), and with the right call analytics tool, engagement can be measured as much as the acquired information, enquiries, or complaints can be improved upon by the brand, to ensure customers’ satisfaction.



Messaging is another powerful way of communication between a business and the customer that could be chat(bot), email, social media channel, or SMS. It is a powerful way to take customer service to the next level, hence beating the competition. It is proven that about 98% of all text messages are opened, it is, therefore, most likely to be read among other forms of messaging means. Customer-to-brand communication can be achieved using messages in its different forms.

Messaging creates easy accessibility to your customers and allows you to gather more information about your brand’s profile from the outside world. A form of messaging is webchat. The webchat is not a new technology in the world of customer service but had some troubles taking off. The troubles are that delays are experienced, and customers are placed on hold for minutes before being attended to. This is because the systematic arrangement of the schedule is not always observed.

Also, putting messages through for brands would give the brand the right social setting and healthy environment it desires. This is because the customers could be contacted away from the formal setting, and the opinions could be gotten without having to do much spending. To say, customer views and discretion could be acquired, and they would barely sit out of the right opinion they have about the brand. This particular advantage would help the brand get the taste of its target audience to the fullest. This is because what they want wouldn’t be by speculation but instead on the right and almost perfect duration. The point remains, every meaningful brand seeks customers satisfaction. To some extent, this has been why what some brand set out to do is not what it ends up doing; they end up bending their services to meet the demands of the customers.

Additionally, the message could help the brand to grow in sales and trust from the customers. This is that when customers receive messages for contacting the brand, it serves so mild in reintroducing them to the brand once more. Besides, one-time customers could be sent news, perhaps once in a month, as a reminder for the existence of the brand and bringing into their memories of how the first touch and feeling they experienced could be a long-lasting one provided they keep on being a customer. Apart from the fact that this would remind them of the brand, they tend to compare their experiences with any other place they ever go. And with the message, they know fully well the warmth and quality of the service of the brand.

Prompt response to message queries would help in building strong as repeated customers are there because some, relatively, have gone other places and found that there is no experience like that they have got. Also, there would be growth in the sale. Besides the growth, there would be considered consistent growth in the sale. This would bring with other benefits like being able to predict the strength and weaknesses of the brand, planning adequately and making the right decision, etc.

Finally, calls and messaging are two vitals aspects of customer-to-brand communications. The easier it is to reach an organisation, the more the certainty of customer engagement. While a few people might consider texting as being laborious to do before getting their queries attended to, many would prefer to call for an immediate solution. Hence, except a chatbot is used, messaging channels might not be the best option as regards answering customers’ queries but can be very useful for marketing. You can leverage toll-free numbers today. Get adequate call and message through to your customers today and experience growth with desired dimensions in your brand forever.

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