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Don’t Give Away Your Business Golden Treasure.

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Busy capturing all the new customers in the market with your latest marketing plans? How about the current one?

It is true that gaining presence in this digital world has become more and more competitive. You may lose out many new opportunities if you were left out in this digital world. But do you know, your existing customer also plays an important role in helping you to gain a presence in the market?


In fact, people tend to spread bad news about your company than praising for your good services.



Besides, why you want to lose a customer when it is 6-7 times much more expensive for you to acquire a new customer?



So, what and how are you going to do to retain all your existing customer that can help you to spread good words about your service while you continue to target for new customers?


Consistently monitor your customer satisfaction might sound hard when you do not have a proper tracking system to assist you in that. Randomly checking on the conversation between your customer and customer service care is not enough as you are not able to engage with those who hung up before reaching your customer service care.


With Tollfree Analytics report, you are one step closer to your customers!


The in-depth report that captures all the activities that happen on your tollfree number, a better insight of your business and believes it or not, the report has the ability to bring changes not only to customer service department, but also sales, marketing, finance and human resources!


Don’t believe? Schedule an appointment with us now and we will show you how it can be done!

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