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Understanding the product before purchasing is important. Find out what tollfree number is and how our added value feature can help you gain your position in this competitive marketing today.

What is the difference between Tollfree 1800 and 1300?
Tollfree 1800 Tollfree 1300
Subscriber pays for all calls to the 1800

  • Local – 4 sen per min
  • National – same as standard TM national rates
  • Mobiles – Local or National charge depending on where they are calling from.
Subscriber pays for all calls to the 1300 except Local calls

  • Local – Free
  • National – same as standard TM national rates
  • Mobiles – Local originating is free
  • Mobiles – National originating national call charge
No call charge applies to fix line or mobile caller. Caller pays a local call charge no matter where they are calling from.
What are the requirements to apply for tollfree number?

You must have TM fixed line to be it DEL, Centrex, ISDN BRI/PRI, Unnifi & MultiSip to be assigned as the answer point number for Tollfree service.

How do I get started?

Choose an availability number from our directory, submit your application to us. It takes 3-5 working days to process your application and our customer care will notify you when the line the activated.

How long will my tollfree number take to be activated?

Your tollfree number will be activated in 3 – 5 working days.

Can I port my existing number?

Yes, providing that the existing phone configuration are able to receive the estimated number of incoming calls.

If I move location can I take my tollfree number?

Yes, if your office is relocated, you may bring your tollfree number along. You just have to inform us what is the new answer point to redirect the tollfree number to (Your new landline number).

How and when will I be billed?

You will be billed by TM and it will follow your billing cycle plan.

How can I keep track & monitor my tollfree number?

With detailed ViSight report, you can monitor the performance of tollfree number. Our account manager will assist you on the reports if you have any question.

What are ViSight Reports? Do I need it?

ViSight Reports are a value added service for 1300 and 1800 tollfree numbers. Tollfree customers can receive value from their tollfree services by receiving management report’s to view, analyze and monitor their tollfree call traffic and patterns. Each report is personalized to each subscriber with company name, the period being reported on, and the date the report was created. Reports will be generated on calendar month utilizing billed call data.

What is the difference between daily report and monthly reports?

Daily ViSight report can be retrieved ona  daily basis (you may monitor and measure yesterday calls_ when compare with monthly report with the most updated information. The daily report plays an important role in assisting managers in your organization to expedite decision making, planning and ad hoc changes. The updated information, enables a subscriber to save cost, enhance effectiveness when utilizing allocated budget, staff resources and facilities, improving productivity and more.

How can I view the report

We will provide you a user name and passwords to log in TM ViSight Portal to view the monthly reports.

Can I have multiple single lines connected to 1 Tollfree?

Yes, you may attach all lines to be connected to 1 tollfree.

What is the limitation for having a tollfree under one company?

No limit, you may register as much lines sa you required.

I love your plans, but I’m not the decision maker. What can I do?

We can schedule for a demo on our features to your decision maker. All you need is to send in your request.