Grow Your Business During Crisis with TM Tollfree!

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A business crisis is an incident, or a sequence of events, that causes a major disturbance to a company. A crisis normally happens suddenly and raises serious difficulties or risks to a business, usually in a situation where time is short and decisions need to be done quickly.

All businesses must prepare a contingency plan to ensure business continuity during an unexpected crisis. For example, COVID-19 affects so many businesses that some of them don’t have cash flows during the MCO. It’s a lesson for everyone to take extra precaution that can ensure business continuity. TM Tollfree service is a great deal to ensure business continuity.  

What are you waiting for, grow your business during the crisis with TM Tollfree! Here are some reasons why:

Boost Customer Experience

Customer service can be considered as the heart of a company that strives to provide an outstanding service that leaves the customer feeling appreciated and supported. Great customer experience results in an increment of customers loyalty to your business. About 70% of people will stop dealing with a firm that has weak customer service. By having a Tollfree number, your business can manage their customer services better even during a crisis.

From TM ViSight report of Missed Calls and Missed Opportunities, the missed calls from customers are necessary for the relevant team to follow up and can be good potential customer leads as the callers have made the first effort to contact your business, showing some part of interest to your brand and business.

Tollfree Number is Memorable!

To revive businesses during the economic recovery phase, all SMEs businesses started to publicise their business. Marketing campaign with a Tollfree number shown to be more competent than the one that doesn’t own a Tollfree number. A tollfree number is well-known for its rememberable number.

Based on research that resulted in 72% of people precisely recalled vanity numbers after a 30-second advertisement while only a 5% recall rate for advertisement with a normal numeric number. To ensure that your customers or potential customers to reach you first, it’s crucial to get a Tollfree number during this period to get ahead of your competitors!

Optimise Business Growth

TM Tollfree can also help SMEs in optimising their business growth during the crisis. With TM Tollfree Visight reporting for a Tollfree subscription, you’re able to find new opportunities for business expansion to areas (states and cities) that have a high level of interest in your product. The report will display the origin of callers from a different region, city and even suburb area.

SMEs is also able to gain customer retention by providing more attention and focused customer service to areas with huge demand. It will ease your business to determine your marketing campaign and sales expenditure especially at the time of crisis. Besides, you’ll have a better understanding of the geographical prospect so that you can plan your marketing campaign better according to each area. 

In conclusion, there are many alternatives to sustain your business cash flow during the crisis. TM Tollfree surely provided many benefits for SMEs to continue doing businesses during a crisis such as boosting customer experience to sustain loyal customers, memorable vanity numbers and optimising business growth during the crisis. Get your Tollfree number today and receive a Digital Marketing package worth up to RM1,500. For further enquiries regarding Tollfree, call us at 1800 22 2020 or click to chat with SITI at


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