How Does Digital Marketing Help Businesses in Malaysia?

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It’s time for Malaysian business owners to embrace internet marketing as part of their strategies. Small and Medium Enterprises must come to acknowledge the importance of internet marketing for their business growth, as to revive and maintain their business post-COVID-19.

COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses in many ways. For businesses to revive this post-pandemic, marketers must upgrade their branding, product preparation and customer services to be more valuable. New business owner, don’t be anxious. This is the time for your team to digitalise your business operation!


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Time to Finally Get Digital Right

It is safe to say, finally, the mobile or digital experience is fully in the spotlight. Digital is in many cases even more important now than brick-and-mortar. The particulars of a brick-and-mortar experience may never be replicated by a website or app, but it should deliver the same overall brand promise and value. It should be an uplifting experience, not just fulfilling.

Whatever qualities you leverage to incorporate into your physical experience – ease of use, premium design, fun, etc. – need to be felt in digital or the difference will quickly be noted by customers. Have you got a bot to help customers find the right product online when they can’t touch or try it on? Are the images of your products online large and descriptive enough? Can you support both the shoppers who know what they’re looking for and those who might just be browsing?

Consumers won’t have the patience for unappealing brands. For the foreseeable future of every bad experience will be top-of-mind. Retailers — especially department stores, restaurants, and service businesses — will not survive in the long run if their digital game isn’t updated right now.

Go Viral with Digital Marketing!

Virality has become a trend nowadays for businesses.

Have you ever heard of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) technique?

Internet’s essence as a web of interconnected nodes makes an exponential expansion of all possible contents. Taking the WOM model Communication (word of mouth), viral communication becomes more relevant due to the connectivity, instantaneousness and sharing of online platforms which enhance content dissemination. Customers prefer to trust product-related reviews from their friends, family and colleagues compared to what the brands have presented to them.

Customers nowadays also like to share their negative or positive feedbacks on their social media accounts. The more people read and share the feedback, the higher the chances for the brand to get known by the public.

To wrap this up, Malaysia’s internet penetration rate has reached over 94.05%. There were 26.69 million internet users in Malaysia in January 2020. There were 26.00 million social media users in Malaysia in January 2020. Grab the opportunity to be present in the eyes of these million users by upgrading your marketing strategies, digitally. For more details regarding Business Digitalisation, you can call us at 1 800 22 2020 or visit our website Stay connected!




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