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How does TollFree Call Analytics Improves Customer Service

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You’ve probably heard the term “toll-free” on infomercials or other television shows. What exactly is a toll-free number? What distinguishes it from a regular phone number, or should you use one? This article will explain what a toll-free number is and how to use one, as well as some of the service’s drawbacks.


What Exactly Does “Toll-Free” Mean?

A tollfree phone number is a unique number that is billed for all arriving calls rather than incurring charges from the original telephone subscriber. For the calling individual, a call to a tollfree number is free of charge (T&C).

In layman’s terms, when you make a normal landline phone call, your service provider charges you for the call. The majority of phone service providers charge a monthly fee for phone service, but some still charge per minute for landline calls.

You’ve probably seen infomercials with “vanity numbers” like “1800-88-FLOWERS.” A vanity number is a phone number that spells out a word or phrase and is used by businesses to help potential customers remember their phone number.

Vanity numbers are popular among SMEs and enterprises because they are easier to remember than a 10-digit numbers. Even government agencies use a vanity number to make it easier for citizens to remember.


Automated Services Through Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers help streamline phone calls and quickly get to the cause of any problems. Customers can discuss issues with clients and work to resolve any negative circumstances which will boost your company’s customer service reputation.

Added services can help troubleshoot directly over the phone, or screen customers and direct them to intended departments. We’ve all heard these systems at some point. “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service, and so on.” This allows you to have a unified phone number to service all your clientele in a streamlined manner.

With the many advantages of tollfree as part of a business solution, the value-added ViSight Call Analytics is a tool to propel your company’s customer service to new heights.

Call analytics enables businesses to analyse call performance, service effectiveness, and make necessary improvements to the business through their call centre management and team. This has never been easier with TM TollFree ViSight Reporting. Call centre analytics is a collection of toolsets that are deployed across communication platforms to keep call centres and overall business performing optimally. Managers and analysts can use the tools to track, evaluate, and gain insights into call centre employees’ performance from both customer and employer perspectives. TM TollFree ViSight Reports provide data and insights that will not only help level up your customer service, but also improve business operations, marketing costs, and advertising effectiveness, to name a few.

The following are some of the ways call analytics can help a company or call centre to advance.


Strengthen customer relationships

When customers contact a business, they immediate attention. Many people will prefer calls over queues because customers do not wish to wait for customer service representatives to reply to them via email or other slower avenues. Customers’ emails are typically responded to within two to three business days. Calls, in these scenarios, allow customers to communicate the moment the call is answered. Real-time responses are extremely encouraging in strengthening customer-brand relationships.


Actionable insights

Call analytics can be used by call centers to determine the average response time required to serve customers, as well as the rate at which calls are received and dropped unattended. According to research, the average wait time for a customer on a phone call is ten minutes. When the time limit is reached, approximately 60% of users will end the call. With insight from a call centre, a company can learn how to increase their average response rates accordingly.

For example, when two or more customers complain or continue to complain about specific aspects of your services or products, you know more attention is required to be addressed. In this scenario, call analytics is used to address and resolve customer issues, which subsequently transforms them into opportunities for improvement.


Track advertising and marketing performance

Call analytics can determine which advertising or online channel generates the most business for your organisation. When customers contact a call centre, you can effectively analyse the call via geographical location, calling time, date, etc. This data can determine which sales funnel has the highest conversion rate and which ones are not responding, allowing you to re-strategise channels or campaigns accordingly. For example, you know your YouTube channel attracts new customers who will call to inquire about your current promotions. Then, with your YouTube advertisement, you can target different regions, age groups, and possibly sociocultural groups. This will help you determine which demographics are more likely to respond to your campaigns. You can then fine-tune your campaigns to replicate those in more prosperous regions to achieve the best possible results.


Boost Customer Loyalty

Customers are compelled to call again when they receive a prompt or immediate response to their inquiries, knowing they can trust the brand. A reachable brand earns a special place in the hearts of customers. This is acceptable, especially if the company uses a toll-free number that is free to the customer. When used correctly, call analytics help increase customer retention. Not only that, a happy customer will tell others about your company, resulting in a new lead and lowering the cost of customer acquisition.


Enhance business performance

The goal of a Tollfree number is to improve communication between an organisation and its customers. Ultimately, a company exists because of its customers. As a result, when data on calls relating to various aspects of the business is collected, it means that an enterprise can improve its performance in all areas by utilising the complaints, suggestions, and information gathered and recorded by the analytics centre.


Investing in a Call Analytics or Reporting Tool

Without a doubt, everything said thus far appears reasonable. However, acting without a proper report or documented analysis would be nearly impossible. As a result, an enterprise is expected to invest in call reporting and analytics tools in order to effectively capture customer information and data. There are numerous tools on the market; TM Tollfree with ViSight Reporting is a good fit for the solution.


TM Tollfree with ViSight reporting expands your business operations and keeps you ahead of your competitors. It is vital for corporate expansion. How do you keep up? Subscribe to TM Tollfree to learn more about your customers. With TM Tollfree ViSight Reporting, you can return calls faster than your competitors. Studies show that if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must respond to client calls quickly.

Act now, before your customers leave you for a competitor. Subscribe to TM Tollfree for a stronger client retention strategy!

Tollfree is one essential tool for business growth. Be a step ahead. With TM Tollfree ViSight Reporting, you can budget for future marketing and sales efforts. Call 1 (800) 22 2020 or chat with SITI at for more information on Tollfree and ViSight.

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