How I Saved My Creatives Media Industry with TM Tollfree!

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It’s time to get creative media industry on its feet again! The industry has been inactive for around three months due to the pandemic and now the Malaysian Government is taking actions to revive the industry. No worries, people!

Look, Creative Media Industries receive RM225 million allocation to promote and reinvigorate the industry. It’s such a positive move to help Malaysian’s entertainment industry! This is a part of the short-term economic recovery plan announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The allocation is dedicated to funding and support for the arts, culture, entertainment, events and exhibition sector. Besides creating new contents, creative media companies must decide to restructure their marketing strategy.

Here come Cyngus Technologies and Telekom Malaysia Tollfree service to the rescue….

TM Tollfree service is one of the most recommended marketing tools by other businesses from different industries. So, why not consider it?

Errr, does TM Tollfree has anything to do with the industry? Of course, it does. TM Tollfree plays the biggest role in the industry. TM Tollfree will make creative industry be known locally, and worldwide. With its easy-to-recall number, existing customers and even potential customers can call your organisation in a blink of an eye when they have inquiries regarding upcoming events or problems.

“Brands that are impactful and considered to make the world a better place surpass 134% of the stock market.” – Vivendi

if you provide great contents along with superb marketing strategies (read: with TM Tollfree service), it’ll gain people’s interest.

Have you seen the latest trend in marketing campaigns? All of them are digitized, right?

Just for you to know that digital marketing is an online marketing strategy that identifies, builds and targets an audience to become paying clients for a product or service. This type of electronic marketing involves the use of numerous digital channels to connect with existing and prospective clients.

Do you know that a lead-to-viral advertisement has the potential to increase the number of prospects? Creative industries need a viral promotion. TM Tollfree can do that for you. For a single TM Tollfree subscription, you’ll gain up to RM 1500 worth of digital marketing package – for FREE!

Are you ready to digitise your business’s operations? If you do, then Cyngus Technologies will guide you. Online Competitor Analysis, Digital Banner and Strategy Consultation that probably is the best practice for digital marketing – on the house! Besides, up to RM 1500 free digital marketing budget – Google Ad, FB Ad, and Youtube Ad – FREE of CHARGE. Yay, worth it!

Have you ever known that recruiting new client costs five times as much as retaining the existing customers? Businesses lose $1.6 trillion a year when customers shift away from them. Then, 20% of the company’s customers are the major source of 80% of the company’s profits.

When it comes to serving top-notch customer services for the creative industry which probably needs this the most, TM Tollfree it is. Through ViSight reporting that comes along with the Tollfree subscription, you’ll able to manage your staff to always be available at any peak time. Here’s an example, Time of The Day report will show you the number of customers calling at certain times. Maybe they’re trying to reach you for inquiries regarding upcoming entertainment events, for example.

With all the insights, your customer management will be smoother and we promise you, say no more to unattended calls. Besides, most customers will bring their business to your competitors after you serve them poor customer service.

Ops, such a waste! Plus, the report will tell you about the missed call and missed opportunities as well. For a creative industry business, you should not miss the opportunities of the customer’s approach.

You’ll receive a list of missed calls from the day before may be due to congested line or unavailable staff. Your job is to return their call immediately by the next day. If they turn themselves to other businesses, it’s a total loss. Grab the chances while you can.

Overall, it may be said that the creative industry should subscribe to TM Tollfree during the economic recovery phase to ensure business continuity. Based on the explanation above, creative industry owners should subscribe to TM Tollfree for their business. It’s never too late to change since it’s better late than never. But don’t be too late! For more details about TM Tollfree, you can reach us at 1800 22 2020 or talk to SITI at


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