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How International Toll Free Benefit Multinational Companies?

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Are international toll-free services (ITFS) worthwhile? What advantages can they offer your company? In this post, we’ll go over the top five advantages of having ITFS and how it can help boost your business’s revenue and optimise customer service efficiency.


Why Does Your Business Require International Toll-Free Numbers?

An ITFS is a phone number that can be dialled for free from a list of designated countries. The calls are then routed to the country where the company is located. This number can be dialled and answered from any location and device.


For example, a company in Malaysia can subscribe to toll-free numbers from other countries, such as UK toll-free numbers or Singapore toll-free numbers. Callers from the United Kingdom and Singapore can dial this toll-free number for free. Incoming calls are routed to the company’s “answerpoint” in Malaysia.


Obtaining an ITFS can greatly improve your international presence and communications, providing growth and expansion opportunities for your business.

Here are five advantages of international toll-free numbers:


  1. Global Expansion

With ITFS, you can expand internationally to many countries. Be it Africa, the Middle East, Europe, or the Australian continent, you can establish a local presence in any of these countries by using international toll-free numbers.


Approximately 53% of businesses plan to pursue global expansion according to Velocity Global’s research in 2020. Many industries are making inroads into local markets. And the main reason these companies look for new markets is, of course, to expand business coverage by growing their customer base and taking up market share.

Don’t be left behind!


  1. Cut Operating Costs

With international toll-free numbers, as a business owner and operator, you may even consider outsourcing certain tasks to lower-wage countries to cut down on business operating expenses. Most businesses outsource customer service, telemarketing and sales, IT support, troubleshooting, and other tasks.


You can get services from these areas without having to open field offices nearby. This way, you can cut operating expenses while keeping your business afloat and flexible.


  1. Branding & Credibility

With international toll-free numbers, you can easily and quickly set up global communication and marketing. You can demonstrate to customers in other countries that your company is large and well-established. Market your company as a global one that provides quick and dependable service. All of this can have a significant impact on how potential customers perceive and interact with your company, resulting in increased sales and growth.


  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Offering excellent customer service, which results in high customer satisfaction rates, is an important aspect of running any type of business. You can provide a toll-free hotline for sales or customer support that customers from all over the world can call for free using toll-free numbers. You can also provide 24/7 customer service by routing calls to offices in different time zones. These strategies can help you provide better service, become more accessible to your customers, and garner customer satisfaction.


  1. Assess and Improve Performance

Finally, you can use our provided ViSight Reporting to analyse global marketing and sales campaigns. You will be able to track and analyse incoming calls from specific areas. Where and how are customers interacting with your brand and service? Which geographic area or demographic group is responding the best to your product? Where are sales failing, and why are they failing? These are a few parameters you can use to improve performance and achieve your goals.


Where Can I Get International Toll-Free Numbers?

TM Tollfree with ViSight Reporting is a provider of international toll-free numbers. Our international toll-free numbers ensure that you receive calls while maintaining call quality and lowering international calling rates.

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