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How Toll-Free Smart Features Increase Your Business Revenue!?

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A toll-free number, as opposed to a typical landline number, e.g. 03 number for Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, provides additional value-added features that allow calls to be managed with a specific purpose and function according to your business needs.

Analytical reports generated by toll-free callers can help businesses identify areas for improvement thanks to intelligent features built into and layered onto the toll-free number. Most parts can be used in parallel with each other, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution to manage incoming calls and elevate business performance, customer service, and operational effectiveness all in one.

Toll-free innovative features enable businesses to obtain a competitive advantage by providing a superior customer experience with a nationwide branding impression. Adding a toll-free number with intelligent features can demonstrate your brand’s determination and commitment to its customers, resulting in an increased business value because of the memorability and the brand impression of toll-free numbers built up thus far. An example is Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) with a toll-free number at 1-300-88-1900, which helps the organisation boost confidence in its clientele.

Among the intelligent features, Toll-Free numbers enable calls to be diverted from busy or no response phone lines, ensuring the potential business opportunity is never missed. This allows you to optimise your staff’s scheduling according to locations and time of day. Additionally, toll-free numbers can be configured to assign a pre-defined percentage of calls to multiple points to distribute call loads accordingly correctly.

A toll-free number is a powerful tool to grow sales, which is the lifeblood of every business! With Toll-free, you will be able to obtain reports that give you insights on marketing and business operations. This will enable you to build your sales funnel with an excellent strategy to attract customers with your tailor-made vanity number. Potential customers are more likely to contact a toll-free number because it is free! “You are important to us; we are ready to serve you!” is the hidden message layered on top of it. Customers’ interest and confidence can increase exponentially, mainly being attended to by a call with the credible information they expect from the ring. While speaking with customers, your call reps have the best opportunity to engage in a personal, fully enclosed one-to-one session. This results in substantially higher sales conversion and an improved upper and bottom-line outcome for any business.

The intelligent features built into the toll-free numbers ensure calls are attended to effectively. A toll-free number can be routed to a pre-defined destination during out-of-business hours to ensure calls are being taken care of with no missed opportunity. Of which can be a messaging service, an answering service, or even an outsourced call centre. On top of the pre-defined solution mentioned above, a toll-free number is tagged with an emergency resolution to guarantee no business is lost even in internal systems failure or downtime.

With an increase in sales comes along an increase in profit. Businesses with Toll-Free numbers benefit from the toll-free number with the abovementioned innovative features to govern business interests.

Today, on many occasions, customers still find it challenging to reach out to businesses ready to respond instantly. A long-term negative impression is created when a customer intends to reach a company but fails. One core principle to business success is connectivity, with customer centricity applied across the business operations. In this aspect, a toll-free number is your brand ambassador who delivers this vital message. A toll-free number carries the hidden message, “I am here, ready to serve you.” This is an intrinsic value that is encapsulated in a simple-to-remember toll-free number.

Any customer will love and develop a sense of pleasure when they know they call a business number that does not charge them. The benefits that carry out from a toll-free number, with intelligent features built into it, will indirectly deliver company values, with enhanced sales and operation competency to any business. At TM Toll-free with ViSight Reporting, we have served and continue to help over 4,000 Malaysian companies, big and small, build their business intelligence via customer experience and customer engagement excellence solutions.

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Toll-free is THE essential tool for business growth. Be a step ahead!

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At TM TollFree, we believe “Business Starts From Hello”.

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