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Importance of Call Analytics

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Call centres are an extension of an organisation’s customer support system. Surprisingly, a call centre does not have to be used solely for customer support; with the proper tools and planning, a call centre can be used for marketing and obtainable intelligence. Call centres are critical and cannot be undervalued because many customers prefer to communicate with businesses via phone because it is prompt and does not require lengthy conversations, as messaging does. 

Given that a call centre serves as a point of contact between a brand and its customers, it is critical that everything is done correctly. This is why staff should be trained in a variety of customer support operations, not just to respond to customer inquiries, but also to track and collect data for the business organisation; thus, the importance of call analytics. 

Call analytics, or call centre analytics, becomes critical for tracking customer service performance and gaining a better understanding of competitive business trends. 

The significance of Analysing Calls 

Call analytics enables any business, through its call centre management and team, to analyse call performance, service effectiveness, and to make necessary improvements to services and performance in any area of the business. It’s never been easier than it is with TM ViSight Reporting. Call centre analytics is a collection of toolsets that are deployed across multiple communication channels in order to maintain the call centres and overall business’s performance at an optimal level. Managers and analysts can use the tools to monitor, evaluate, and gain insights into the current performance of call centre employees from both the customer and employee perspectives. TM ViSight Reports enables you to generate reports that will aid in the operation of your business, customer service, and marketing. 

The following are some of the ways that call analytics can benefit a business or call centre.  

  • It propels customers relationship 

When customers contact businesses, they anticipate receiving responses almost immediately. Many people will choose calls over queues because they cannot bear the frustration of waiting for customer service agents to message them. An enterprise typically responds to email inquiries from customers within two to three business days. Calls enable customers to communicate simultaneously without the need to waste time typing messages. Responses to messages in real-time are extremely encouraging and help to strengthen customer-brand relationships. 

  • Provides actionable insights 

A call centre can use call analytics to determine the average response time required to contact customers, as well as the rate at which calls are received and dropped unattended. This means that, according to research, the average wait time for a customer on a call is ten minutes. When the time limit is exceeded, approximately 60% of users will terminate the call. With this type of insight from a call centre, a business can learn to increase their average response rates either through alternative communication rates or through the addition of new hands. 

Additionally, when two or more customers complain or continue to complain about specific aspects of your services or products, you know that additional attention is necessary. Thus, call analytics can be used to implement changes that resolve customer issues, transforming them into improvable opportunities. 


  • Performance of other channels can also be monitored.  

When customers contact your call centre and you are able to effectively analyse the call, you can determine which advertising or online channel generates the most business. With this information, you can determine which channel or section of your sales funnel generates the highest conversion rate and thus requires additional effort to acquire customers. For instance, knowing that your YouTube channel attracts additional customers who will call to inquire about your current offers. Then, you can target different regions, age groups, and possibly sociocultural groups with your YouTube advertisement. This will give you an idea of which demographics are more receptive to your campaigns. You can then fine-tune your campaigns to replicate those in more prosperous regions in order to achieve the best results possible. 

 call center speech analytics

  • Increase Customer Loyalty

When customers receive a prompt or immediate response to their inquiries, they are compelled to call again, knowing they can trust the brand. A reachable brand earns a special place in a customer’s heart. This is acceptable, particularly if the enterprise utilises a toll-free number, which is free to the customer. When used properly, call analytics can assist you in increasing customer retention. Not only that, but a satisfied customer will also spread the word about your business via word of mouth, resulting in a new lead and lowering the cost of customer acquisition. 

  • Contributes to Overall Performance Improvement

A call centre’s objective is to improve communication between an organisation and its (potential) customers. Then we can assert that a business exists as a result of its customers. In any case, the fact is unquestionably true. Therefore, when data is collected on calls relating to various aspects of the business, it means that an enterprise can improve its performance in all facets by utilising the complaints, suggestions, and information gathered and recorded by the analytics centre. 


Acquiring A Call Analytics or Reporting Tool 

Without a doubt, everything that has been said thus far sounds reasonable. However, it would be nearly impossible to take any action without a proper report or documented analyses. As a result, an enterprise is expected to invest in call reporting and analytics tools in order to effectively capture the information and data obtained from customers. Numerous tools are available on the market; TM Tollfree with ViSight Reporting is a good fit for the solution. 


Toll-free telephone numbers 

This piece is incomplete without mentioning toll-free numbers – a number that allows your customers to forget about call-related concerns while expressing themselves freely through conversation. Contrary to popular belief, toll-free numbers are not prohibitively expensive. You can subscribe to a toll-free number provider that offers flexible package options. At the moment, toll-free numbers are relatively inexpensive. Subscribing takes less time than activating a number. Therefore, leverage the incredible power of toll-free to maximise your business’s potential for customer engagement almost instantly! 

TM Tollfree with ViSight reporting adds an entirely new dimension to your business operations and will allow you to remain one step ahead of your competitors. It is important for your business growth. How do you stay a step ahead? By subscribing to TM Tollfree, you’ll gain more insights into your customers. With TM Tollfree ViSight Reporting you can return calls to promote successful lead acquisition faster than the competition. Studies confirm that if you wish to stay ahead of the competition, customer calls should be returned faster if not they will become cold.
You don’t want to lose your customers for simple reasons, do you? It’s said that within a day of experiencing poor customer service, 47% of customers would bring their business to a competitor according to MyCustomer blog article. Therefore, before letting your customers move their business to competitors, you need to be quick to take action. Implement customer retention strategy by subscribing to TM Tollfree with ViSight reporting!
Tollfree is the value needed to grow your business. Be ahead of your competitors. Provided with a TM Tollfree ViSight Reporting, you can plan your business expenditure for marketing and sales campaigns in the future. For more details regarding Tollfree and ViSight reporting, call us at 1800 22 2020 or chat with SITI at 

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