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“Thank you for calling Cyngus Technologies. For Bahasa Malaysia please press 1, for English please press 2……. “ 

“Press 1 for the Sales department, 2 for the Security department, 3 for the HR department and press 0 to repeat.” 

“If you know the officer’s extension number, you can press the number now. If you require assistance from the staff, please hold for a while. We’ll get back to you later.”

Do the sentences above sound familiar to you? Wondering if you know this, but if your customer is calling your organisation and they received the response as above, it means that they are being attended by your so-called ‘assistant’.

It’s great to know your customer is being attended which means they are close to getting their problem solved. Attended customer – happy customer, repeated purchase and higher ROI!

Oh, that’s what people call it as an IVR. IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated telephony technology that interacts with the callers. It also collects customers’ information and understands the reason for the call. Then, it routes them to the most suitable agent within a team.

It also allows call centres to cut costs, improve customer service and simply increase business efficiency.

Gartner said, by 2020, the consumer will manage 85% of the business relationship without interacting with a human being. Before we go into the benefit of the IVR, probably you wanted to know its features.

Here are some IVR features that you can take note.

Personalized Greetings, Messages & Prompts:

  • Record a personalised greeting that best represents your business and record a message that brings the caller one step closer to getting his or her question answered.

Personalized Caller Information:

  • Gather caller information and understand the potential needs the customer calls for.

Automated Customer Service & Problem-Solving:

  • Assist customers to solve their problems by obtaining specific information about the problem from them and then guiding them through the steps to resolve them – all without talking to an actual agent.

Route Callers to the Appropriate Team or Department:

  • You can route callers to the appropriate team or department with IVR’s ‘receptionist’ speech, which helps them meet their needs.

Automated Outbound Call:

  • Deliver an automated outbound call triggered by a customer record update (e.g. change of transaction status or coming appointments).

Intelligent Data-Driven Call Routing:

  • IVR can deliver prioritised calls to the most qualified agent, based on the transaction status or account value of the client, during high call volumes.

Pre-constructed templates:

  • Customise the pre-constructed templates of IVR to deploy sophisticated call flows that meet your needs and ensure that the right caller is addressed to the right agent

A wonderful quote from Patrice Orenes-Lerma is that: “The IVR is the first step in a customer’s interaction with your contact centre, so it is imperative that it reflects your brand strongly, positively.”

Yup, customer satisfaction is very important and that’s why your organisation needs to have an IVR in your call centre system. Imagine losing customers because nobody attends them after waiting for so long…….

Urgh, it’s a nightmare! Therefore, no worries, you won’t regret investing in improving your customer service. Top-notch customer service is what makes you stand out from the others. So, stop hesitating and sign up for the IVR now!

Shhhh…. Here come the secrets of IVR that your business should keep in mind. The benefits are the jaw-dropping secrets, actually.

Well, without further ado let’s move on to the benefit of Interactive Voice Response (IVR). First thing first, IVR can enhance customer satisfaction to the next level. With IVR, your organisation is providing customers with an easy and efficient way to speak to the right department & quickly get the answer they need.

The quicker answer they received and guided by the IVR, the better. In return, you’ll be having more customers to come back at your business for its customer service. Make your customer service as a WOW factor for your business.

Moreover, Microsoft mentioned that 96% per cent of customers across the globe stated customer support is a crucial factor in their preference of brand loyalty.

When questioning customers what impact their level of confidence with a brand, they rank business with outstanding customer support as number one – Zendesk

That’s how legit customer service is!

After that, IVR cut operational cost more than you imagine. Do you know why? It’s because IVR systems may replace a receptionist or customer service agent, who will respond to requests and direct calls to officers. They are still very cheap, can improve productivity and reduce running costs, so the ROI is immense.

Besides, with the ability to self-serve and pass messages, the IVR may prove useful in call management, particularly in the case of high demand or peak seasonal operation.

Patrice also says: “Simple requests can be guided to automated systems, while more complicated problems are diverted to the right person, saving time and encouraging more calls to be answered in any given day.”

“But beyond that, a modern IVR can give business users the ability to quickly and easily change communications, providing the caller with essential information easily especially in peak hours.”

There are so many types of IVR devices. One of it is Ericson LG PABX. Auto Attendant is one of the special criteria of Ericsson LG’s PABX. It’s to prevent missed opportunities and incomplete calls.


By ensuring that all customers are attended whilst also replacing the human operator by automating and simplifying the incoming call process.

To wrap this up, your contact centre, call centre, warehouse or store, reflects the company’s personality. Effective call handling is a pleasant interaction, and essential for customer communications. Create relationships after all interactions, and relationships improve the industry.

Combined, IVR and Tollfree numbers provide an easy and yet flexible contact platform that reduces costs dramatically, saves time and improves productivity within an organisation. At the same time, it also increases the degree of customer loyalty.

Curious yet interested? Call us at 1 800 22 2020 or learn more about TM Tollfree service and Ericsson LG PABX by visiting our website today! Cyngus Technologies – Complete Your Brand!

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