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Tired of logging in multi-channel platform every morning to reply your customer? 


Will it awesome if you can have an Omni Channel where you can manage all your enquiries on one platform? 


What exactly is an Omni Channel? 

Omni Channel is a multi-channel marketing that enables a company to interact with their customers coming from many different channels on one platform. Businesses now can manage their customers easily by logging in only on one platform instead of multiple platforms. Besides, having Omni Channel avoid many issues such as repeating approach, speed up the time in replying and much more.  


Why you need Omni Channel Platform?  

Findings have proven that businesses that adopt Omni-channel strategies achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rate compared to the business that doesn’t. (Source from Aspect Software)  

Reason to such high percentage of retention rate is because 90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels. Guess what? There is 89% of them does get frustrated if they have to repeat their issues to multiple representatives (Source: Acccenture). 


Therefore, it is time for you to look into Omni-Channel if you don’t have one. 


The True Omni- Channel – ViSight Online Media (OLM) 

ViSight Online Media (OLM) is a seamless unified experience across all physical and digital channels that can help increase efficiency and consistency in engaging with your customer.  

OLM centralizes all communication channels – Social media, email, live chat, SMS -onto one platform along with groundbreaking workflow management, analytics for use across the business.  

Overall, OLM simplifies customer experience with workflow management. 


So why don’t you save all the hassle by starting to have an Omni – Channel platform? 


Schedule a demo today and find out the value of OLM. 

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