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With Bank Negara having issued over 40 e-wallet licenses so far, e-wallets are becoming increasingly common in Malaysia. Mobile-based payments are cropping up at almost every grocery store, F&B shops, supermarkets, and even fruit stalls along the roadside as the country head towards becoming a cashless nation by 2020!

Recognizing the value of e-wallets as propellers of a new economy, the

E-Penjana incentive is open to Malaysians aged 18 and above with an annual income of below RM100,000, and can only be redeemed once through an e-wallet of their choice – namely Boost, Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet, or GrabPay.

This incentive is to facilitate a higher consumer adoption rate by next year.

Presently, companies of all sizes, from existing convenience stores and F&B outlets to exciting young companies that proudly display e-wallet QR codes on flashy posters, are still embracing e-wallets.

However, more businesses still haven’t hopped on the e-wallet bandwagon and having second thoughts about embracing mobile payments at their establishment.

The time has come where e-wallet businesses incorporate an essential marketing tool which is TM Tollfree service. TM Tollfree is a service that can provide any e-wallet businesses with a unique number starts with an 1800 or 1300 number, that can be called from anywhere in Malaysia at a minimal or even at no cost to your callers.

Providing a free of charge Tollfree 1800 service and being ready to take your customer’s calls is a customer winning strategy. The easier it is for your customers to reach you, the more likely they are to remain a customer.

Free calls for your customers, yey!

For your information, transferring the cost of the call to the business itself is one way of showing your brand cares and is willing to make them happy by carrying part, or all of the burden of a phone call, especially in times of crisis.

You may keep your business connected with the same Tollfree 1800 numbers and there is no need to switch to another number when moving to another location or when having to work remotely.

Oh, you can even create an absolutely memorable Tollfree number for your customers. Don’t worry, it’s free.

Do you even know that 72% of people correctly recalled vanity numbers after a 30-second advertisement? While that same advertisement with a numeric number had only a 5% recall rate. That’s a huge difference, right?

Pretty sure with this fact, you are driven to incorporate a Tollfree service for your E-Wallet business.

Chop! We have yet to talk about the TM Tollfree benefit that might drop your jaw. Another interesting part of TM Tollfree is that you’ll receive TM Tollfree data analytics – a ViSight Report.


When we’re talking about boosting customer satisfaction, you can relate it with ViSight Reporting.

One of the best features you’ll receive when subscribing to TM Tollfree & ViSight reporting is that your customer service is up to the next level. In this report, you get to overview calls based on days and hours.

So, what’s the relationship of this aspect with boosting customer service?

This is how it goes. With the insights based on hours and days, your organization can identify at a glance which days and hours of the week are their busiest time.

According to it, you can plan the staffing accordingly to ensure all your customer calls are attended by your staff.

Bear in mind that 78% of customers have backed out of purchase due to poor customer experience.


Next, let’s talk about measuring and improving marketing Return on Investment (ROI) with TM Tollfree. When you use different Tollfree numbers and the Tollfree reports to measure different campaigns you can continuously improve this marketing to ensure you don’t waste your valuable marketing budget on media that does not give you a good return on that investment.

By continuously measuring, monitoring, and changing your media, times, and messages you can build a picture of what works and continuously improve response and increase sales.

Now, you can see the importance of incorporating TM Tollfree service for your E-Wallet business. Not just that you can save marketing expenses with a promising ROI, you can even boost customer service better than your competitor that doesn’t subscribe to a TM Tollfree.

Curious for how can TM Tollfree benefit you more?

You can hit our easily remembered Tollfree number 1800 22 2020 or visit our website at You won’t regret it! Call us today to receive up to RM 1500 free digital marketing package. Cyngus Technologies – Complete Your Brand.

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