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Never Underestimate Your Customer Experience!

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In this digital marketing world, businesses can’t afford for customers to share their negative experience online especially on social media that easily make news goes viral.

In 2017, there are many findings showing that it is no longer enough for your customer to rate your customer service as good or fair as customer experience is now a new battlefield for businesses. Here are some statistics to get more insight about customer service.


SO, how are you going to track and monitor your customer satisfaction if you did not have the chance to speak to them and have engagement with them at the first place?


“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning,”- Bill Gates.


What you need is…


Tollfree Number – with additional features for delivering Good Customer Service Experience.

With toll free number, your customers can reach out to you whenever they have any query without paying a single cent. From there, you are able to improve customer satisfaction by being available to take their call.


How about those who hang up before reaching to you?


Will the customers be surprised and overwhelm if you ring them up the next day?


But how can you do that?


ViSight Tollfree Analytics – a report that helps businesses to analyzes the incoming tollfree data, transforming it into actionable business insights and provides a holistic visibility of your customers calls being made to the tollfree number. The data is captured at the network level which cannot be provided by a typical CRM system or a PBX system that captures data only at a service level.


Therefore, the one and only important thing are to make their customer happy. Remember, if you are making them happy, as a side effect, they will be happy to open up their wallets and pay you.

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