Oops, Tollfree Did It Again! Social Entrepreneurs, Don’t Miss These Tips.

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With regard to marketing, social enterprises face unique challenges. A social entrepreneur creates an enterprise that fills a market gap and serves a neglected community. Social enterprises need effective marketing strategies that provide huge encouragement of doing charity to society.


The answer is a TM Tollfree subscription. Yes, indeed! Social entrepreneurs, don’t miss these tips. Let’s check them out.

Leverage Tollfree number – to the MAX!

Dear social entrepreneurs, if you haven’t subscribed to any TM Tollfree service, you’re missing out a lot. TM Tollfree shall be your main priority in expanding your business by now. Why? It’s because other businesses utilise Tollfree number as their main marketing tool.

A tollfree number is rememberable. In fact, promoters can expect an 84% improvement in recall rates for a vanity number compared to a numeric telephone number when shown in visual media such as TV, billboards, and print.

With TM Tollfree, you’ll receive a ViSight report that enables you to track your online and offline marketing campaigns. With all the insights, you’ll acknowledge which region has a high interest in your product. From that, you’ll able to plan other effective strategies to expand your business.

Utilize digital marketing – advantageously

Dear social entrepreneurs, do you want to be seen online by your potential customers? Obviously! you need it. As mentioned by We Are Social’s annual digital ecosystem report, four-fifths of Malaysia’s 32.25 million population is now online, active social media users are 78% of them. The number is HUGE! Surely you don’t want to miss this chance by making your business presence online.

One tip for you, social entrepreneurs. You’ll get up to RM 1500 worth of digital marketing for FREE! If only you subscribe to TM Tollfree service. Telekom Malaysia’s partner in providing Tollfree service – Cyngus Technologies. Cyngus Technologies assist businesses to digitalise their marketing campaign by providing free digital banner, free strategy consultation, and free online competitor analysis.

The cost? Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Spend RM98 for a TM Tollfree subscription, you’ll receive up to RM1,500 worth of digital marketing packages for FREE! Take note that there are requirements a business needs to fulfill to get the marketing packages.

Build a constant social enterprise brand

Dear social entrepreneurs, branding is VERY important for your business. Why? Branding can change how people see your brand, it can lead to new business and boost brand awareness.

It also helps to categorize a product and differentiate it from other products and services. Branding is significant because not only is it what makes an unforgettable impression on customers but it lets your customers and even potential customers know what to expect from your company. It is a way of differentiating yourself from the competitors and clarifying what’s your offer that makes you the better choice.

The best way to polish your business brand is by subscribing to TM Tollfree service. What comes to your mind when you see 1-800-88-HATI? What about 1-800-88-SENI? You can see it now, right? Getting a vanity number for your social enterprise is a simple but effective marketing strategy that leads your customers to identify and connect with your brand.

Branding is a nonstop process that needs any channel of exposure possible. Once your customers and even potential customers can easily recognise your brand with the phone number associated, it makes it easier for them to connect with your business in a variety of ways. 

Don’t be afraid to spend money on marketing

Dear social entrepreneurs, don’t be afraid to spend money on marketing! A misperception that seems to carry over from the non-profit sector is that organizations of social impact must spend less on overhead costs, including marketing.

Similar to the saying “you have to spend money to make money,” you have to spend money to make a change. To encourage social change, you need to leverage a marketing strategy to let the world know what you are doing and how they can support your business and social mission.

Social entrepreneurs, if you know how to maximize a Tollfree number for your brand, then it can serve as great marketing purposes. Absolutely no stress involved. The number can be incorporated into any advertising campaign done, either on a billboard or on a digital marketing campaign. It creates a subtle yet loud volume about your brand, and how people can reach your business.

Oops, Tollfree did it again! Social entrepreneurs, don’t let this golden opportunity go. You need to step up your marketing games by subscribing to TM Tollfree. The marketing expenses won’t go to waste, don’t worry! What are you waiting for? Call us now at 1 800 22 2020 or have a chat with SITI at www.tollfreemalaysia.com for more details.

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