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Optimise Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Social Success in 2021 With Powerful Social Media Trends

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In 2021, social media is expected to be more critical than ever. To help you reach and convert more customers next year, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 social media trends.

For marketers, social media has proven to be a valuable channel for reaching and converting customers. Social media marketing is known for its adaptability, so channel managers must keep up with the latest social media trends in technical and social developments to ensure they are taking advantage of all opportunities.

It’s no surprise that social media usage, as well as a slew of other customer behaviour factors, has changed dramatically this year. COVID-19 has caused nearly half of respondents to spend more time on social media, according to highlights from Datareportal’s July 2020 Digital snapshot.

There are challenges associated with this opportunity: How do I keep my social media followers interested? What kind of content is appropriate in today’s world? You’re not alone in asking these questions, and getting it right is more important than ever!

That’s why I’m thrilled to be able to share a recommended module from our brand new suite of Learning Paths for Business Members alongside each of our curated social media trends. Learning Paths are designed specifically for members to help you improve your marketing performance and achieve your objectives.

It’s time to dive into the 2021 social media trends, from rising platforms to worthy causes, using social media for shopping, live events, or forming relationships.

Social media trend: The organic social media relationship funnel

Who do your customers have the most faith in? In 2021, forming a trust relationship with your customers will be more complex than ever, thanks to rising concerns about privacy and fake news.

With studies showing that 75% of people do not believe advertisements, a relationship marketing approach to building trust with your social media audience has a lot to offer. These figures are self-evident:

  • 63 per cent of social media users believe customer ratings are the most important;
  • 70 per cent of consumers believe customer opinions are the most important (more than double those who trust advertisements)

To succeed in 2021, social media marketers must invest in their relationships with employees, customers, and influencers, ensuring that our key brand messages are backed up by the people our customers care about the most.

People-first social media is a growing trend on the internet.

The key to getting your organic posts to the top of your audience’s social feeds is two-way communication. The function of an algorithm, as we all know, is to deliver relevant content to users, as well as targeted paid advertisements.

So, an engaged online community that engages with your content through likes (good), comments (even better), and shares (incredible!) can help you out by amplifying your content through a trusted channel.

Diversification is a social media trend.

We can’t talk about social media trends for 2021 without mentioning the massive shift in social platforms we’ve seen this year. TikTok has pioneered a new approach to social engagement, reaching a peak of almost 76 million downloads in March 2020.

Tiktok is a popular short-form video sharing social platform where both professional and amateur creators share user-generated content ranging from dance, cooking demos, and makeovers to animal videos and social media challenges! This content is viral among Tiktok’s audience, which comprises 41% of 16-24-year-olds.

The latest social media craze is live social media.

This year has seen a massive increase in the use of live social media, and it’s easy to trace that growth back to a specific time earlier in the year. For many consumers, using live streaming to fill the physical void has become the new normal, but how are marketers taking advantage of this opportunity to meet their customers live online?

Buffer has put together a list of 5 live content ideas that will improve your live offering and delight your audience.

  • Hours of operation / Q&A sessions
  • Announcements and launches
  • Take people on a behind-the-scenes tour of the studio.
  • Interviews, collaborations, and takeovers are all possibilities.
  • Content that is experimental!

This year, many marketers who used to rely on event marketing have gone back to the drawing board. They were able to achieve their goals in a completely new way by embracing live social media innovation!

The latest social media trend is the use of social content for good.

You have increased social media discussions about topics close to your customers’ hearts due to an increasing emphasis on political, environmental, and social issues throughout the year.

Merkle’s Q4 2020 Media Insights Report found that 56% of consumers have no respect for businesses that remain silent on important issues, signalling a tipping point. So now is the time to use your social media platform to keep your customers informed and reassured.

The latest social media craze is social commerce.

Social media is the next logical step for online shopping, according to 87 per cent of e-commerce shoppers. With half of the world’s population on social media, social commerce is the next logical step for online shopping.

According to data shared by Sprout Social from the US Department of Commerce, social media’s share of total US retail sales is expected to skyrocket in 2020, and this trend is expected to continue.

Our social media experts generously contributed to these trends. It’s been fascinating for me to delve into each movement and see the various opportunities they present for social media marketers worldwide. By subscribing to ViSight Marketing as a Service, you can learn more about creating a winning digital marketing strategy for 2021 and grow your business.

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