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Toll Free Malaysia Stories – Pizza Hut Malaysia

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Prior to the launch of smartphones and a boom in social media, we relied heavily on call centers to interact with our customers, to sell goods and to build relationships. Some still prefer this form of communication, while others are listening to the desires of their customers and bravely leading the technical revolution in digital communications.  In this TollFree Malaysia Story, we’re proud to share Pizza Hut’s Malaysian journey and celebrate their bold online move.

Pizza Hut don’t sell pizza, they sell reliability

Since the early 2000’s Pizza Hut have quickly established themselves as the most popular pizza brand in Malaysia, owing this not just to great pizza, but their exceptional commitment to high customer service. At the time of setting up their first Malaysian call centre, Pizza Hut were introduced to Toll Free Malaysia Technology and the numerous benefits of their Toll Free analytical technology. Winston Lee from Pizza Hut Malaysia says, “Data is very important to us. Understanding where our calls are coming from and being able to really drill down to fine point has given us the insight and confidence to grow from 100 to 400 outlets over the last 15 years.”

Leading brands must lead the way

As the world changes, customers have become more demanding and less loyal. Methods of communication are changing and we’re very rarely more than a few feet away from our mobile devices. As a result, Pizza Hut have listened to their customers and in August this year, they saw the launch of their first digital application for placing and tracking orders. Winston wants Pizza Hut to be able to proactively resolve issues, initiate communication and use real time data to respond to customers faster than any other brand.  “We never want to lose touch with our customers and will always have a call centre for those who require it, we’re just changing the way we respond to calls. Our ViSight technology means we can give our staff more freedom, allowing them to turn every single call into a potential sale”, says Winston.

Pizza Hut are using their knowledge in powerful ways

Pizza Hut’s existing analytics are currently showing them that more and more of their customers are choosing to place orders and make dining bookings online. Over the next 12 months, Pizza Hut will be re-skilling parts of their call centre team to use new online services as they plan to test SMS ordering, Facebook and Voice Recorded ordering. Analytics and a strong relationship with Toll Free Malaysia Technologies will continue to play a key role for Pizza Hut during this time to ensure they have detailed insights on the effectiveness of these new online options.

Sharing a slice of their success – Tips for your business

Winston believes that all businesses need to work together to educate and encourage customers towards online communications. Not only does it save a lot of money, but it provides greater flexibility for customers who have their own preferred communication style. Winston’s advice for others businesses considering a move to online channels, “Embrace the latest technology, have a small team to handle calls, but move as much online and through as many channels as possible”. Toll Free Malaysia Technologies looks forward to continuing our strong relationship and working closely with Winston and his team as they make these exciting changes.

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