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Population VS Digital Users Around The World.

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In this digital era, people often feel engaged and connected to every single other person on the planet when they are on social media platforms.

If you want to stay on top of the latest updates or have a taste of culture from different countries, social media allows you to connect with anyone with a similar interest, regardless of where they are. Distance is no longer an issue in this digital world when you can connect to someone thousands of miles away in just a few seconds using the most high-tech means at your disposal.

But how representative is the social media world comparatively to real population sizes exactly? Here is the breakdown for that.


According to the recent report by Hootsuite, there are about 37% of social media users in the world, which is roughly about 2.8 billion users.

If you think that is too general and doesn’t surprise you much, let’s dive deeper into the data.

As we break down the statistics, you will have a clearer picture of the Asia Pacific’s massive population and the level of social media penetration. You also will notice that the sub-regions attributions are quite different.

If you are wondering what the “+” and “- “signs next to the numbers are. The plus signs mean that the country has a higher proportion of social media users relative to their actual population while the negative numbers mean that the country has fewer people on social media. If you look at the different sub-regions in Asia, you will notice something interesting. South Asia and Southeast Asia are two regions that don’t have as many people connected to digital platforms while East Asia has the most “over-represented” population in the social media world.

With the increase of users on digital platforms, there is a need for companies to catch up with the trends. People use digital platforms such as email, social media or even live chat to engage with a company. If you are not there for them, you are most likely going to lose a customer.

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