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Professional Voiceover Business Phone Greetings: Almost Free!

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If you are lucky enough, you might have kind voiced customer service agents at your disposal, with whom your customers would not mind spending an entire day talking to. But if that’s not the case, or you are busy and often not available to answer incoming calls, it is always nice to get one of those golden-voiced people to answer the calls for you.

One great thing about setting up a 1800 or a 1300 number with Cyngus is that instead of your own voice, you can choose to let your customers be greeted by a professional voiceover artist, reading your Customised Greeting as well as giving them the standard keypad options.


When deciding to get your message across, do you know how to get in touch with a voiceover specialist who can do so in a professional manner? At Cyngus, we have a number of professional voiceover artists that we can recommend to you.

Don’t worry, you can choose the voice that you want based on the types of people available, including factors such as gender and age. With this, you can be more clearly in control of how your company or business is perceived over the phone.

Next, we will need a script of what you would want to say about your business and the options available to your callers. This script will then be recorded by the voiceover artist of your choice in a professional recording studio, which means there won’t be any unwanted background noises! This will allow your message to be delivered clearly to your caller when they reach out to you.

The cost for this will also be cheaper as you will avoid having to look for a professional artist yourself. Not to mention the costs of having to book a studio on your own. Cyngus’ service gives you the voice you need without the hassle.

Bear in mind, a good reception will determine how many customers you are going to retain and gain!


The main point of having a customised greeting recorded professionally is to give customers the best reception possible. This is because right from the start, callers reach out to your business through call and a professional reception will determine whether or not the caller wants to continue engaging with your business. Picture this, if the message they get from the first contact sounds too pushy, rushed, unprofessional – or if they don’t even understand it – the chances of them hanging up, will be quite high. Planning out a well-scripted phone greeting and getting someone who sounds like a polite and patient person will definitely help inspire confidence for the caller and convince him or her that dealing with your business was the right choice.

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