Real Estate Companies Should Step Up Their Game With TM Tollfree Now!

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The partial lockdown of the country – locally known as the Movement Control Order (MCO) – has contributed to a fall in the number of home seekers and has also delayed the listing of properties. In addition, processes such as finalizing documentation and progress payments have had to be postponed during the MCO.

Many involved in real estate investment have built successful businesses and launched good marketing campaigns with the sole use of local phone numbers. Tollfree numbers, however, provide a wide range of real estate investment benefits that can’t simply be ignored.

Tollfree numbers offer so many benefits for real estate investing that it’s hard to ignore them. That’s why real estate companies should step up their game with TM Tollfree!

“A tool you need to stay connected with the buyers.”

Obviously, the best tool you need to stay connected with your buyers – TM Tollfree number!

No more missed calls. Provide your buyers with automated property information by giving each listing a unique phone number. With a subscription, you’ll get high-quality insights through the ViSight report. This report lists the missed calls and missed opportunities from your customers or even potential customers.

Losing both existing and potential customers will cost you a fortune. How to deal with this? Return the calls immediately or else, it’s your loss. 

“To stay winning, always keep an eye on the competition.”

Do you want to be one step ahead of your competitors? Easy. Subscribe to TM Tollfree. The tollfree number makes your real estate business seems legit and it will also boost national presence. Aside from having a Tollfree number for your business to grow, digital marketing plays the biggest role as well.

Make your business outperform the others by being available online. Customers prefer businesses that can be found online. It’s stated to Statcounter (2019) that 98.39% of Malaysians used the Search Engine by Google to find information online. If the potential customers can’t find you online, the chances for them to bring their business to competitors are higher.

“Make your real estate business reachable.”

A tollfree number is famous for having a memorable number. Tollfree numbers aren’t just easier to remember, though. Over half (58%) of consumers select to dial a Tollfree 1800 number compared to a numeric Tollfree one to reach a business. Another research finds that ads with Tollfree numbers outperform those with generic numbers by 33%. 

Take a look at those tests, it’s proven that your real estate business is reachable with a Tollfree number. Still unsure if your customers will want to dial a tollfree phone number to reach your business? Think again and again: 90% of other businesses say they use Tollfree numbers.

Besides, it’s proven that real estate investing companies consistently gain double-digit increases in direct marketing response rates and even higher improvements in closing ratios. How? TM Tollfree number did that!

What kind of person in the real estate investing game wouldn’t want great results, more inquiries, and more deals from the same marketing campaign?

“Sustain customers by providing superb customer satisfaction.”

Put your worries aside about customer satisfaction with TM Tollfree service. With ViSight reporting, you’re able to deal with your customers better. No calls will be congested and no customers will be left unattended.

For example, the Time of Day report can help you manage your staff to be available at the specific date and time as it displays inbound calls by the hour. This will help real estate companies to provide detailed information regarding properties to the customers. The benefits of the Time of Day Report are- more precise allocation of resources, improve customer satisfaction, and boost Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

The better customer satisfaction your business can provide, the more profit you’ll gain. Remember that, 32% of all customers would stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience.

In a nutshell, TM Tollfree service can help real estate companies to grow their business and close more deals. For more details, reach us at 1 800 22 2020 or talk to SITI at now! Don’t miss this chance to expand your business!

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