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On 5 June 2020, the Prime Minister unveiled the Short-term Economic Recovery Plan (“Plan”). This Plan was unveiled against the backdrop of a pessimistic global economic outlook and a steep decline in Malaysia’s economic growth projections for 2020, from 4.8% to -2% to 0.5%. COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital transformation. To facilitate and support this, the Government has now introduced various initiatives and measures to encourage digital adoption by businesses.  

Together with this initiative, the Malaysian Government has announced its initiative to aid the SMEs and mid-tier companies (MTCs) recover post-RMO with RM700 million in loans and grants. These loans and grants are to digitalise their operations and trade channels. 

For many companies, customers have already migrated to digital. Employees are already working fully remotely and are agile to some degree.   

Companies have already launched analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives in their operations, checkout ViSight Chatbot if you are looking into AI solutions for your organisation. IT teams have already delivered at a pace they never have before. But for most companies, the changes to date represent only the first phase of the changes that will be necessary. Thus, companies must grab this chance provided by the government to grow their business during this difficult time. 

We at Cyngus Technologies is aiding businesses to digitalise their operations by providing:   

  1. Free up to RM 1,500 Online Marketing Budget – Google Call Only Ad.
  2. Free Strategy Consultation–Best Practices for Digital Marketing.  
  3. Free Online Competitor Analysis.  
  4. Free Digital Banner.   

When you subscribe to a Tollfree number that starts from RM 98 only! Why do you need digital marketing as part of your operations? Here are some reasons, why you must grab this package right away! 

Digital Marketing Provides better ROI for Your Company! 

Digital Marketing can provide a superior Return of Investments (ROI) to your business. Digital marketing spends with Telekom Malaysia’s Tollfree Reporting you can track your campaign effectiveness better than other modes of measurement.   

A recent study indicates that 72% of people correctly recalled a Tollfree number after a 30-second advertisement. That same advertisement with a non-Tollfree number had only a 5% recall rate.  

Once you acknowledge the ROI of different aspects of your campaigns, it’ll help you to understand better where you should be distributing your digital marketing budget for good results.   

Be Ahead of Your Business Competitors 


Most of your customers and potential customers are already online. They’ll do research online if they’re looking for a product or solution. If you’re present online and running a digital marketing campaign, chances of you popping up in front of them is high and easy to capture them afterward with a good landing page and USP!   

Imagine if you didn’t take this opportunity and not running any digital campaign. The potential customer will still be captured as a lead. How?   

By your competitor through digital marketing.   

Let’s prevent that from happening, shall we? Call us now – talk to us for FREE! 1800 22 2020 

Malaysia is already adopting. When are you going to? 

Malaysian people are already adopting new technologies daily from social media to gaming, Malaysia is growing its internet adoption rate faster than you thought! 

Here is some excerpt from Hootsuite digital adoption study done for Malaysia: 


With a total population of 32.16 million, Malaysia has internet users of 26 million and that’s a good number with a whopping 83% of penetration for any company that is adopting to digitalize their business. 


Not only Malaysia has a higher adoption rate–It also has a higher usage rate! That is almost 60% of the total waking hours!   

This is what you need to know – Important part of the article! 

Chief Marketing Officer(CMOs) are preparing for digital to grow to 75% of marketing budgets. But almost half are worried about managing this change and that’s where Cyngus Technologies comes into the picture. In Malaysia, Digital Marketing Agency is charging RM 200 per hour on average but we are waving off all that consulting fees for you! We set-up, manage, execute your digital marketing campaign for you worth up to RM 1,500! Subject to terms and conditions like basically getting a TM Tollfree number to get this package for FREE! 

Last but not least, there are some requirements that your business needs to qualify for this FREE package. Your business should be: 

  • Sdn Bhd or Public Listed 
  • Has been in operations for a minimum of 1 year  
  • Revenue of minimum of RM 1,000,000 annually 

So, let’s get this deal through- call us at 1800 22 2020 or WhatsApp us at https://wa.me/60322846900 

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