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Few things that you need to know about 1300.

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Bring your business and customer experience to the next level with 1300 number.

Popularity in tollfree number has skyrocketed in recent years. But do you know how to choose the right number that fits into your business model?

Some of the SMEs in the market has chosen 1300 number over other prefixes and for sure, there are some good reasons for that.


Different From 1800 Numbers

There’s not much different between 1300 and 1800. The only difference is the call rate charged to the caller. Calling to 1800 number is free within Malaysia.


Not Restricted to Geographical Area

Unlike landline numbers, no matter you are calling from which state, 1300 numbers are not restricted to a particular exchange or area.


Only One Number Regardless of Business Size

If you are SOHO operator or multi-national company, you can save cost by only having one number for your customer to reach out to you. You no longer need to have multiple business office numbers.


They Are Local Call Number

1300 numbers are known as local number as caller will be charged at a local call rate from anywhere in Malaysia.


Use Only for Incoming Call

They are inbound numbers that can be used for receiving calls. When the caller called in, they are routed to an answering point, which can be either a landline or mobile number.


Inexpensive and Is Affordable for You

Having a 1300 plan with added value features can be as low as RM98! It is absolutely affordable for your business!


Superior Range of Easy Remember Numbers

There are over millions of 1300 numbers available for you to choose. These include phone words, repeating numbers and numbers with other memorable patterns.


Largest Range of Features and Functions

With 1300 number, you can add in more other features and functions to your plan. There are features such as smart forwarding, call distribution, daily report and other more.


1300 Generate Better Marketing Response Rate

1300 number is more appealing for the customer to call business, especially compared to office landline and mobile numbers. In addition, with the added value features, you will get a better response rate from your customers.

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