This is How PENJANA Helps SMEs During the Economic Recovery Phase

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PENJANA, or more commonly known as the Economic Recovery Plan, announced by the Government of Malaysia, consists of several initiatives aimed to kindle the Malaysian economy and encouraging local businesses.

Businesses may need to reorganize their businesses to counteract the financial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses may take this chance to explore whether restructuring is so essential. This also allows businesses seeking to increase their capabilities horizontally or vertically to explore either acquisition through shares or business assets.

These are how businesses can revive during the economic recovery phase with the help from PENJANA and TM Tollfree service.

Digitalisation of Businesses

Digitalizing your organisation, by doing things better, faster, and cheaper than your competitor can give you a competitive advantage. Using creative digital solutions provide a competitive advantage in your business world and a proper digitisation plan can assist reinvent processes, improve quality, and promote consistency.

To encourage micro-enterprises and SMEs to adopt e-commerce, the Government will work with the private sector to provide training sessions, seller support, and sales subsidy to the participating enterprises. MDEC will run this initiative with its selected e-commerce platform. 

This is the time where your business deals with Telekom Malaysia and Cyngus Technologies for Tollfree services. For a Tollfree subscription, you’ll receive up to RM 1 500 worth of digital marketing packages. To digitalise the operations of businesses, Cyngus Technologies will help you by providing Digital Banner, Online Competitor Analysis, and Strategy Consultation that might be the best practices for digital marketing – for FREE! Not to forget, FB Ad, Google Ad, and Youtube Ad-Free RM 1,500 Online Marketing. 


Cool, isn’t it? 

Last but not least, there are certain requirements your company needs to meet the criteria for this package. Your business should be: 

  • Sdn Bhd or Public Listed 
  • Has been in operations for a minimum of 1 year  
  • Revenue of minimum of RM 1,000,000 annually

Restrategising – New Businesses and Mergers of SMEs

New SMEs established between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2021 may enjoy income tax rebates of up to RM 20,000 per year for an assessment period of 3 years. Before starting a new SME business, make sure you do research, start making plans, consider finances, and suggest a suitable management structure. The most important thing for business start-ups needs to consider is, getting a Tollfree number. 

TM Tollfree service is a great marketing tool for your business to grow. Provided with a ViSight report that enables you to plan for future marketing expenses. No more overspend over non-effective marketing campaigns. No worries, Tollfree number also allows you to track your online and offline marketing campaigns that portray the number of people having an interest in your products. 

Even during the economic revival phase, TM Tollfree service offers you with top-notch alternatives that maximize your business growth. You ‘re able to create new opportunities with TM Tollfree Visight Report for a Tollfree subscription. ViSight Tollfree helps to broaden to certain areas at which your product has a high level of interest.

The portal will reveal the origin of callers from a distinct area, city, and even suburb. Thus, businesses can increase customer loyalty by paying more attention and focusing on customer service to areas with strong preference. It will make things easier for your business to plan cost-effective marketing campaigns, particularly during the economic recovery phase without the need to spend a lot. 

In a nutshell, many businesses are struggling even during this economic recovery phase. Hopefully, all business owners will leverage financial help from Malaysia Government to the fullest. TM Tollfree service should be part of your business revival plan. You won’t regret it! Call us now at 1 800 22 2020 or talk to SITI at for more.


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