Tollfree is The New Norm For E-Commerce!

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Malaysian Government is ensuring the development of the online economy as a national priority!

Isn’t that great?

It’s great news for businesses especially start-ups to expand their business through E-Commerce. It’s expected that Malaysia will remain to enjoy strong growth in online shopping over the upcoming years.
For your information, the number of Malaysians that use the internet today reaches more than 26 million. GlobalWebIndex also stated that 80% of people between the ages of 16 until 64 do online shopping. With this huge amount of internet users, there are chances for your business to reach more customers online.

First things first, get a Tollfree for your business. Have you ever heard of TM Tollfree services? Starting from now, you must make TM Tollfree as a new norm for your E-Commerce business. TM Tollfree can help you increase leads and build customer’s trust. Not to forget, potential and existing customers can reach you easily if they’re curious about your new products and services.

Make TM Tollfree as the new norm for your E-Commerce business now! You can check the points below to know why TM Tollfree is a need for your E-Commerce business.

Rememberable Number: The customer can remember your business number at first glance. Sounds cool, right?
Create a memorable number for your customers with TM Tollfree. It’s said that around 72% of people precisely memorised vanity numbers after 30-second advertisements. Meanwhile, only 5% recall rate for the same advertisement with a numeric number.

For start-up E-Commerce businesses, it must be hard for customers to remember your brand since yours is still new. With TM Tollfree subscription, quite sure they’ll remember your number in the blink of an eye.

Create Brand Legitimacy with TM Tollfree Subscription: A Tollfree number can become a wow-effect for small E-Commerce businesses. Why? It’s because people always think that only big companies can afford to have a Tollfree number. That makes businesses with a Tollfree number look exclusive and stand out among other businesses that don’t own any.
Over the years, even start-up businesses are recommended subscribing to TM Tollfree services because it creates brand legitimacy online. Therefore, if you advertise your Tollfree numbers on your websites, people will think that your business is as legit as the big companies.

Top-Tier Customer Satisfaction with TM Tollfree: A first-rate customer experience can build trust and increase repeat purchases rate. 61% of customers now see customer service as “very significant”, as stated by Microsoft State of Global Service Report. Customer service is also expected to conquer prices and products as the main brand differentiator.

Sustain existing customers by subscribing to TM Tollfree service. You’ll receive a ViSight reporting and RM1,500 worth of digital marketing packages, FREE OF CHARGE! To keep your existing customers can be beneficial for your business as 80% of your future profits will come from 20% of your existing customers.

TM ViSight report lets you know with incomplete calls that are important for you to determine the size of missing chances and how to recover them. You’re also able to return the missed call at once to avoid any chances of losing a customer.

Incentivise your E-Commerce business by making TM Tollfree as a new norm! Grab the deals now! For more details regarding Tollfree and ViSight reporting, call us at 1800 22 2020 or chat with SITI at With TM Tollfree subscription, you’ll receive RM1,500 worth of digital marketing packages for FREE! Not to forget, the ViSight report that helps you track your business growth.

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