TollFree Malaysia Growing Fast with Grab

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Growing fast with Grab
From a desire to solve the region’s transportation problems since 2012 to celebrating their one billionth ride in October last year, it’s safe to say that Grab is fantastic at listening and responding to the needs of their customers and driver partners. Having rapidly grown across eight SE Asian markets in a few short years, Grab credits a great deal of their Malaysian success to being able to effectively communicate, support, anticipate and improve the services offered to their customers and partners.

Grab’s world class technology

Grab was introduced to Cyngus Technologies Malaysian TollFree solution in 2014 when they launched their application and driver support centre in Malaysia. Although they have a call centre in each of their markets, it was important to Grab that their Malaysian service be free and accessible via the same toll free Malaysian number across the entire region. “The added bonus of Cyngus’ TollFree ViSight Solution has dramatically improved our ability to create targeted marketing programs, resource the support centre and proactively improve partner services”, says Grab’s Regional Manager of Voice Engineering, Mr. Wan Hassan.

Grabbing every opportunity

Grab prides themselves on providing the very latest technical solutions for their customers and partners. Whether it’s app updates, their latest in-app messaging platform, or new partnerships to create seamless and safe travel solutions, you will continue to see Grab lead the way.

Grab believes that safe and accessible travel is a right, not a privilege, and they won’t slow down until affordable transportation is available to every single person in SE Asia. Streamlining their services, providing reliable, safe and trusted travel solutions is paramount to helping them achieve this goal and Cyngus are proud to play a key technical role as Grab continues to grow.

Singapore Airlines have been the latest organisation to see Grab’s potential and dedication to their customers, integrating Grab’s booking application with their SingaporeAir Mobile App. Allowing customers to book a Grab ride as soon as they land in any of the eight countries in which Grab currently operates is one step closer to Grab’s dream of a fully integrated travel solution provider.

Driving your business forward – Sharing their tips for success
Mr. Wan Hassan believes that every single customer-focussed business should be using ViSight Solutions Technology. “Their great dashboard is incredibly user-friendly and allows us to quickly see our top five callers, length of call and main reason for calling. Having this information in real time means we can adjust the number of channels we have open, ensure we have facilities to re-route calls so that none are missed and even accurately pin-point the most profitable states to ensure we are best directing our marketing and support efforts”, says Mr. Wan Hassan.

Where to next?
Grab is eagerly anticipating an extended partnership with Cyngus Technologies as we continue to improve our services in the countries we are currently in. For now, Grab won’t be slowing down and will continue to grow and delight their customers and business partners. We are exceptionally proud of Grab and our partnership with this truly exciting next generation company.

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