How It Works

Improve your chances to convert enquiries into Sales and turn customer’s negative experience around with your brand’s assurance. We help you improve customer engagement experience and increase the willingness of customers to talk to you.

Why should I get a tollfree number?

  • It is easy for your customers to remember
  • Stand out from competitors who doesn’t have one
  • Portability- Change your office location anytime and not the number
  • Good for branding and be seen as customer centric and not cost centric
  • Actionable insights with full visibility/ details on all your incoming calls
  • Never miss a call that could be converted into sales or a positive customer experience

Here is how you can get a tollfree number:

  • 1. Pick A Number

    Personalise a number that is relevant to your brand or business

  • 2. Add Features

    Select smart features required to help you manage your calls

  • 3. Answer Point

    Identify a TM landline number to use as your answer point

  • 4. Activation

    Submit application & wait for activation notice

  • 5. Data Insight

    Start getting daily insights on call patterns and other details