What We Offer

A one stop tollfree solution that will provide you with the required tollfree number, call management features and reports which will give you full visibility on your inbound call patterns and details.

Tollfree Numbers

Local 1300

Caller pays local call rates from anywhere within Malaysia they are calling you from, while your organization bears the cost of all except local calls.

Local 1800

Free for callers to call from anywhere within Malaysia while your organization takes care of all call costs.

International Tollfree Numbers


Allow your customers from overseas to reach you via a localized tollfree number at no cost to callers.


Use a unified tollfree number for your customers to call you no matter from which country they are calling you from. However, this service is limited to countries with UIFN access only.

Call Management Features

Traffic Manager–Call Transfer on No Reply (CTNR)
  • Optimize incoming calls by assigning them to another answering point when  there is no reply.
Traffic Manager–Call Transfer on Busy (CTOB )
  • Optimize incoming calls by assigning them to another answering point when  operators on busy.
Traffic Manager–Split by Percentage
  • Split calls to few answerpoints to the desired percentage
Time Manager
  • Route calls to different call centres depending on time of the day.
Day Manager
  • Reroute calls to the next answerpoint on specific selected days. Eg: Weekends,  Public Holidays
Statewide Routing
  • Redirect calls to the call center closer to the caller, resulting in lower rate for you

Answering Services

24/7 Professional call answering and messaging service managed by an operator that will receive calls and take messages for you. You will receive the messages via email or SMS. This business service is based in Malaysia to help enhance your customer’s experience which will in return convert more enquiries into sales and loyalty among your customers.

Call Reports

Obtain near real time, holistic business reports on call duration, call origin, call time/ pattern, missed call etc, for timely business decision making. Have these reports sent to you or access our portal online to view the latest reports on the go. What is captured in our call reports are based on data obtained from the network level. Such data is not available on your PBX reports which capture data on the service level.

Don’t let your business fail when it comes to customer experience, which is your opportunity to swoop in and enchant those same customers into falling for your company.