1300 Number

A 1300 number tells your customers your business is established and reputable. But there are additional reasons why big companies use them. Firstly, they allow your customers to dial you from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. They are also easier for your customers to remember and make your life simpler by providing one phone number for your business.

With a 1300 number, you can conveniently answer calls from any phone line in Malaysia. You have the flexibility of being able to route your number to any landline or mobile number. The other unique thing is that a 1300 number is only for inbound calls, not for outbound calls. You’ll be charged depending on whether the call is connected to a landline or mobile.

What can a 1300 Number do?

  • Can forward to an existing mobile, landline or VoIP number
  • Allows you to deliver calls to your business
  • Configured with features
  • Provide data and insights on calls

What a 1300 Number cannot do?

  • Can’t be accessed from overseas
  • Can’t be used for outbound calls