Top 4 Ways to Use Tollfree Number for Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business

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By having a Tollfree number for your business – the Return on Investment (ROI), sales and customers’ experience will be enhanced. 1 800 and 1 300 surely seems familiar for everyone. However, not everyone is aware the benefit they can for having a Tollfree number for their businesses. Here are top 4 ways to use Tollfree numbers for marketing strategies to grow your business. 


You might wonder on how Tollfree can be a branding for your business. The last four digits of Tollfree number can be customised into wordsThis is known as a Vanity number. A brand can make theiTollfree number be memorable to their customers by putting their business’s name in their Tollfree number.  

One of Malaysia’s highway regulator PLUS has their PLUSLine Tollfree number publicised throughout their highway. 1 800 88 PLUS (0000). Memorable isn’t? Whenever customers have enquiries on highway issue, they can easily call the Tollfree number portrayed throughout their highway.   


Feeling worried if changing location of business would affect customers’ reachability to your company? Take a chill pill, Tollfree numbers can solve it all. By signing up for a Tollfree number, you can easily move to new location without worrying the process of getting a new number and updating all your marketing creatives that has been publishedOnce a business acquires a Tollfree number, they own the number and it becomes part of their business’s asset. 

Customer Experience 

Said by W. Edwards Deming that profit in business comes from repeat customers; customers that brag about your product and service, and that bring friends with them. By having a Tollfree number, you can increase customer satisfaction by being available for your customersSatisfied customer will recommend your business’s product or services to their friends. This is called Word of Mouth marketing. Therefore, their satisfaction should become a priority to your business.  

Effective Marketing Tool   

A Tollfree number will be easier for your customers to remember. Thus, having a Tollfree number for your marketing campaigns will increase the success rate of that campaign. 72% of people correctly recalled Tollfree number after a 30 second advertisement.  That same advertisement with a numeric number had only a 5% recall rate.  

Moreover, with TM Tollfree ViSight reports, you are able to see callers originating from each region, city and drilling down further to suburb. The access to a such metrics enables a marketer to further analyze offline marketing campaigns to better justify ROI. 


Tollfree number will bring your customer’s experience to the next level. Unleash the potential of Tollfree number for your business today by reaching us at 1800 22 2020. 

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