Top 5 ways Google My business (GMB) Can Help Your Business

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As internet revolutionised, more businessmen have used internet platform in expanding their business. One of the famous search engines, Google has introduced so many features that could grow businesses. One of them is Google My Business (GMB) and Google Ads. On this article, Google My Business will be given more attention due to high request of the readers.  

What is it a Google My Business (GMB)? How does it work? Does it really help in expanding businesses? GMB is basically a tool that is freely used for you to promote your business profile and business website on Google Search and Maps. Once you have signed up for Google My Business, you are able to see and interact with your customers. Don’t worry, it’s free. Here are top 5 ways Google MBusiness can help your business.  

Update Your Tollfree Number 

Tollfree number is highly known as number that you can call right away. Well, obviously since it’s memorable. By updating your tollfree number, it will automatically appear on your Google My Business details. As Google said through its local mobile searches, up to 48% of calls received by store once they have updated their business profile on Google My Business.  

Responds by calling are much faster than asking questions through email or private message. Customers would be very happy if their queries been notified as soon as possible. Tollfree numbers that you have signed up with Cyngus Technology Sdn Bhd will surprisingly boost your sales. Why? 

With TM Visights report provided by Cyngus Technology can show you the potential customers you’ll have. The Time of Day report showcase the inbound calls by hours. 

  • From busy line to incomplete calls, it’s a robust chart to be taken advantage of to ensure optimum customer experience for any business.  
  • With visualization of the timing of incomplete calls, businesses can optimise resources to make sure every call is attended to, thus enhancing customer experience. 
  • Benefits of Time of Day Report:  
  • More precise allocation of resources  
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction 
  • Improving Net Promoter Scores (NPS) 

Google My Business Makes Your Business Noticeable 

Nowadays, mostly people use Google to search for information. It’s easier to search your things needed yet Google also give “search near me” results. By updating your Google My Business profile, your business seems visible to public. Customers get to know your existence and they’ll be able to search more on yours.  

Keep Your Customers Up-To-Date 

Google My Business gives you the ability to attract customers by keep on updating recent products, photos, location and contact numbers online. These can notify your regular customers on changes made by your business.  

Display Good Impression of Your Business 

Having effort to always update your business profile shows how serious you’re in handling business. This will give impressions to the customers that you’re available online and offline. GMB also helps you to manage your business profile creatively, that suits your style in promoting. The more creative and fancier you’d be, the better presence you have.  

Provide Platform for Customer Reviews 

Google My Business has provided spaces for customers to leave their honest reviews on your services. Those reviews will appear publicly and other potential customers are able to see it too. You might not want negatives comment leading the review section. For negative comments, you surely need to respond in a way to persuade your customers by improving your services and products.  

Some customers would love to notify you their suggestions in bettering your business styles. Accept their thoughts and keep it as one way to grow your business in a greater way. 

Always take time to respond towards the reviews you’ve received, no matter how positive and negative the comments are. If you keep on ignoring comments, it might affect your sales and business reputation. Your main goal should be sustaining regular customers.  


Google My Business surely has provided so many golden chances for businessmen to widen their products, in the easiest ways and you don’t have to spent pennies for this. What are you waiting for again? Sign up for Google My Business and don’t forget, your tollfree number! Apply now! 

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