Benefits of Tollfree for Logistics company during COVID-19 crisis

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently announced that the Covid-19 as a pandemic. The viral disease has now progressed from a looming threat to a real and present danger for consumers and companies alike COVID-19 has caused disruptions towards many areas such as businesses, logistic and supply chainsIn the geographies that have been affected, consumer products companies are feeling intense tension and operational stress  

Some of the biggest challenges faced by the logistics industry in Malaysia are shortage of driver, excessive usage of non-compliant trucks and the vacancy of a common CIQ (customs, immigration and quarantine) transit centre. However, it’s not an excuse to not give supplies. There are ways to keep business operating as usualA research made by Marketwatch on logistic company, that the country’s economy is expected to rise around 5% and 6% if the logistic industry keeps on going forward. To see a positive result in logistic industry, there shall be some improvement. For example, by signing up for a Tollfree number. A Tollfree is an essential tool during a time of crisis for businesses. 

Enhanced Competitor Advantage 

During this crisis, many customers would have so many enquiries related to their unresponsive shipment. Tollfree would help these logistic company to cater a number that is easily rememberable by the clients. There would be enquiries about food supplies, medication supplies and other basic necessities. Many logistics companies will start to advertise their Tollfree number to capture potential clients. Based on a recent research, 72% of people precisely recalled vanity numbers after a 30 second advertisement.  While using only numeric number on the same advertisement platform, the recall rate is only 5%Thus, Tollfree will act as a good competitive advantage for any businesses. 

Improved Customer Experience 

One of the values when you sign up for a Tollfree is that you get to know your customers’ needs and interests. Your company get to decide what to improve for customer services from the type of calls and pattern of questions you received from the callers. Your customer will receive immediate-notifications, solution to their problems and another reliable relationship can be formed without having a direct meeting. This is very important for logistic company because during COVID-19 crisis, the demands will be higher due to the panic they might have found.  

With a TM ViSight Tollfree’s Time of Day report, higher demand can be managed accordingly. Time of Day report  

  • From busy line to incomplete calls, it’s a robust chart to be taken advantage of to ensure optimum customer experience for any business.  
  • With visualization of the timing of incomplete calls, businesses can optimise resources to make sure every call is attended to, thus enhancing customer experience. 
  • Benefits of Time of Day Report:  
  • More precise allocation of resources  
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction 
  • Improving Net Promoter Scores (NPS) 

Main Platform for Communication 

As been restricted to any business to lessen the amount of direct contact with people due to the pandemic, most operations must be done online. People are being quarantined and their movements are suspended in the way that any face-to-face interaction couldn’t be done. With tollfree number that has been publicised on your official company website, customers can just click the number to make a call. Easy isn’t? The worries faced by customers can easily be swept away by just making a call. Your customers must surely have prepared their demands that need to be implemented by your company therefore there will be no problem in miscommunication.  

This pandemic has caused an uproar towards everything and everyone. COVID-19 crisis has become a huge concern to the worldAll logistics company might face some difficulties to help in lessen the workloads experienced by the others but with having tollfree, certain issues surely can be fixed. Therefore, in order to manage the services wisely, Tollfree number should be subscribed as a company’s asset. 

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