Have been chasing for customers for many years?

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Have been chasing for customers for many years?

Why don’t you let the customers come to you instead? By understanding customer behaviour, you can identify which is the best strategy to approach to your customer.

From the past findings, there are many reasons for customers to change operator and the top two reasons was due to customer experience – customer felt poorly treated and the company fail to solve their problem in a timely manner.


It is critical for management to look into every single customer feedback by listening to the call conversation recording. However, there is another way of monitoring and analysing customer satisfaction.

Setting up a toll-free number and consistently tracking the number with daily analysis report can make the job easier.


Choosing between Tollfree Number 1-800 and Local Number 1-300

Both 1-800 and 1-300 numbers are an inbound number for business or corporate to apply so that their customer can reach out to them by calling the number. The difference between Tollfree number and Local Number is in the call costs.


Choosing 1-300

When you pick 1-300 for your business, the caller is charged for the cost of a local call from any Malaysian phone line. That is why 1-300 are often call the local number.


Choosing 1-800

1-800 numbers are 10 digit numbers that caller is FREE of charged when they dialled from any of Malaysian phone line. Therefore, it is known as the Free Call or Tollfree Numbers. You can choose your number in the form of branding such as 1-800-FLOWER or 1-800- FLYOUT.


Pick Your Own Number Here!


What then?

After having your number, our platform is able to track, aggregates and analyse millions of tollfree call each day. With the near to real-time view daily report with all customer contact that calls to your Tollfree number. Hence, you are able to identify the hidden opportunity that can bring a huge impact to your business.

Find out what other added value Cyngus can provide to your business.


Remember, there will be no substitution for knowledgeable, human service that customers will love to engage with. You’ll be amazed at what impact to your overall business performance after you’ve put a smile on every customers’ face.



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