6 Ways Phone Calls Are Still Important for Businesses

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Mobile phones are extensively in use, today, globally. Although the new generations of phones currently available have more diversified functions than the earlier ones. One of the functions includes messaging. Massaging has largely cut low, the need for voice conversation, which may be more expensive, depending on the caller and the distance of call travels. Many people argue if calls and call centres are still valid for businesses. They are still relevant! Either you are a startup or a grown business seeking to expand, communication with customers is inevitable. Phone systems are valuable in businesses as they serve as a bridge that connects the company to consumers for easy communication and data collection point for improved performance for an enterprise.

In the face of evolving digital business landscape, maintaining a good customer experience is essential. While an organisation remains digitally relevant, incorporating new effects, features, and styles into their marketing campaigns, customers may be lost and don’t understand how something works. Hence, reaching out to a brand becomes essential. A brand that is unreachable by customers is losing out a big deal on the available opportunities that are around. Without wasting much time, here are 6 reasons why businesses still need phone calls

  1. Ease of Communication:

Lots of people have mobile phones in the world; about 66% of the world’s population uses cell phones. For those who don’t have smartphones, speaking via calls becomes their only means to reach an organisation with a dedicated phone number. For those who have a smartphone, many people run enquiries on Google and use the click-to-call feature to speak with a human agent. Google notes that about 48% of all searches done on mobile phones leads to call. Communicating over the phone takes a shorter time and is easier to accomplish. This will relieve customer care agent of the burden of looking into screens to respond to messages or having a prolonged conversation when it can be simply handled over a phone conversation.

  1. Optimises marketing campaigns:

The more information available, the better the business growth. This fact goes both ways. Via calls, data can be gotten from customers, and that will greatly help marketing approaches and campaign. With obtained information via phone calls, you can develop a buyer’s persona or tweak the existing ones for better performance.

On the other hand, customers can also call to obtain information about certain offers that were rolled on digital platforms. With pleasing information from the call, a customer can decide to buy. In such an instance, calls help to improve conversation rates.

  1. It simplifies complexes:

While it is true that going digital is the way forward, today, some businesses can’t effectively function a 100% online; offline works and metrics are supposed to be put in place. Some businesses work fine online but their products require demonstration or technical know-how for customers to effectively use them. For businesses like that, a call centre becomes necessary. Through a call, a customer can be guided to fix technical issues that they might have with your product or service. One significant call that costs less than two minutes can save an hour of a customer’s frustration, who has been fidgeting to find how something works.


  1. Enhances brand Image:

Getting a first-time customer is not quite as easy as maintaining them. Here is why. With targeted ads and the right contents, you can meet your customers; it may only cost you some funds. However, retaining customers goes beyond marketing; it requires the entire team of an organisation from management to the manufacturing team and the sales team. Hence, all must work together with a singular purpose. One of the teams that would determine customer retention is the customer support agent. Being available to talk to at all times speaks well of your brand image; it assures customers that they can always reach you at any time to have their issues or queries attended to. An unavailable brand would keep spending more funds on acquiring customers when that can be optimised by retaining customers. To enhance your brand image via communications, you may leverage virtual numbers or toll-free numbers. Toll-free numbers, also known as 1-300 or 1-800 numbers, encourage customers to trust your brand with engagement and communication. Having a toll-free number sends a subtle message that you care about your customers.

  1. For some, it is preferable than talking to a robot:

By phone calls, we don’t mean voice automation that simply tells customers to “press 1” “press 3” instead of being transferred to a human agent. Some customers are irritated by the thought of conversing with a bot. It is not because the bots are not sophisticated or delivering reputable services; it’s just that some people feel very comfortable talking with a human than with a machine. If an enterprise lacks a phone communication means, then it would lose out on customers in this category. Therefore, phone conversations resourcefully help to retain customers on a broad range.

  1. Obtainable Analytics:

Customer support option of phone calls, when partnered with the right analytics tool, will help a business to get information from customers on how they can improve general services and performance. Customers relate with the organisation from outside; so, they have a better view and perception of the brand from without. When such opinions and issues are presented to the enterprise, it allows the responsible teams and leads to implement actions, quickly.

Toll-Free Malaysia

To help harness all the benefits that come with having a call centre that attends to customers’ queries, a toll-free number is very resourceful. Knowing that most people like goods/services at a free or discounted price, you can encourage your customers to engage by letting them know you have a toll-free number. You don’t have to spell it out. Once they see the toll-free Malaysia code of 1300 or 1800, they will be willing to engage. Either you are getting a vanity number or a regular toll-free number, you can double your customers’ engagements via mobile calls.


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