Why You Need a Vanity Number for Your Business

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A lot of brands, companies, and businesses make use of vanity numbers, these days, for interacting with their customers. A vanity number is a toll-free (or local) telephone number that comprises a set of easily memorized/remembered digits. Vanity numbers are usually all numeric i.e., having only numbers, but could also be phone words i.e., having numbers with words attached.

Since the time phone numbers had exchange names, the concept of using stylish and attractive phone numbers has been in use, and today –many decades later- many businesses are still finding it of immense benefit.

Why a vanity number might be a good marketing strategy for you

Yes, times have changed, and we are now in an era where information technology has revolutionized the way customers and businesses interact, but certain things have not changed. An example is this: although more businesses can be found on the internet, the need for visual appeal is still as strong as it was when there was no internet. In fact, we can see visual appeal is much more necessary today than it was three decades ago given the huge number of competitors in an industry trying to catch the attention of internet users. So, in our world today, where customers can check out a website, send a fax or emails, and also engage brands through their social media channel, what is the relevance of a vanity phone number to your business?

Here are some benefits a vanity number for your business:

  1. Brand Identification: What comes to your mind when you see 1-800-88-PLUS? What about 1-800-88-LHDN? You can see it now, right? Getting a vanity number for your business is a simple but effective marketing strategy that helps your customers to identify and connect with your brand. Branding is a continuous process that requires any channel of exposure possible. Once your customers and even potential customers can easily identify your brand with the phone number associated, it makes it easier for them to connect with your business in different ways.
  2. Help costumers remember your number: A vanity number removes the need for people to memorize long phone numbers and helps them remember yours quickly. This might look petty, but when you need to call a service store, is it not easier to call one whose number you already know? Vanity numbers help your business reach a wider audience and broadens your market. Customers can easily reach your business at any time of the day for FREE.
  3. Better customer relationship: Believe it or not, in this era of social media use, some customers actually “call out” businesses and brands over a simple issue that can be resolved in a short time. The most fantastic thing about this is that many of them who do this do so because they do not care to check for a direct phone number to reach the business with, or they found the available number too long to memorize. Having a vanity number can help your business in this aspect. If customers have your number firmly fixed in their memory, they usually call first to find solutions to their problems. You might just be saving your business from some damaging social media thread.
  4. Project dedication and credibility: Using vanity phone numbers for your business gives the image of professionalism, dedication, and ultimately, it lends credibility to it. A dedicated vanity phone number is a little reminder that your brand is fully committed to whatever business it engages in, and as your reach grows and more people come to know you, trust builds, and this is great for any business.
  5. Create a virtual phone number: These days, using internet-enabled devices to make phone calls over the internet as opposed to the traditional radio services is very possible, and this is another window to explore for your business. By setting up call forwarding, your virtual number is ready for use, and visitors to your website who want to get in touch on the phone can do so with a click. Re-routing these calls to regional offices means that you can offer better and more personalized services to your customers.
  6. No more fixed lines: Gone are the days when an office line had to be fixed and bulky. These days, your business phone number can be mobile to afford you the flexibility of connecting with customers on the go. Using a vanity number for mobile devices is even better as you get the benefits minus the limitation of a fixed phone line.
  7. Get more from phone leads: Market research has shown that inbound calls generate more returns than web-generated leads. The idea here is that many people these days would rather check something online than make a call and if they do make a call, it is because they are ready to purchase the product or service. Using a vanity number for phone campaigns is an ever-green marketing idea. A vanity number for your business can give it a national presence. Vanity numbers are not limited to area codes, and calls made from different code areas are sent directly to your office without stress.

Tips for using vanity numbers

Before trying out a vanity number, it is vital that you go for the one that offers the best package suitable for your business. Choosing the right toll-free number for your business is as important as the decision to get one. This choice can have an impact on the ROI from an advertisement. 1300, 800 numbers are more popular on radio, TV, and billboards. And if your advertising strategy focuses heavily on these media platforms, it would be better to use the 1300 numbers. A recent statistic shows that numbers with vanity number prefixes are more recognized by consumers than others.

The main goal of using vanity numbers is to attract customers, and this is because they are popular. It is, therefore, a wise choice to select a prefix that has a more popular rating and has a better chance of yielding returns on the money you’re spending for calls.

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