Toll Free number in Malaysia

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Toll free numbers create ease of communication between two entities. They are usually gotten by businesses to help customer engagements, but they are also used by other people such as a family that tries to ease their loved ones of call cost. The former, however, is the most used case for Toll Free numbers. So, this article provides insights on Toll free numbers in Malaysia, the business benefits,

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) regulates telephone numbers in Malaysia. However, certain telecommunication organisations are also able to host large volumes of numbers for their customers. Like in any other part of the world, Malaysia has two types of phone numbers for business purposes: the 1300 number and the 1800 number. While the former is a allows people to reach an organisation but are charged locally on their number, the latter, 1800, will enable people to call a Malaysian enterprise at no cost. However, the enterprise would be the one bearing the expense. Usually, this is done so that customers would be encouraged to reach out to the organisation. This eliminates customers worry of being charged when they call an organisation to express their feelings of compliment or complaint. Benefits of Toll-free numbers in Malaysia

Businesses get phone numbers in Malaysia because it allows them to maintain a strong presence, and it creates trustworthiness for their brands. Usually, they are multichannel numbers, allowing incoming calls from different channels.

Toll free services are not only for big enterprises, but they are also for small and medium enterprises. They make things

There is a growth in the number of businesses that are adopting Toll free numbers in Malaysia. Many brands are coming to realise how Toll free numbers can move their customers experience to the next level by favouring engagement.

Malaysia’s business ecosystem is an interesting one. Top brands in Malaysia are not challenging to be found in the digital space. There is always something that stands out for them. Adopting the customer’s free call to a brand (Toll free) system will significantly help your brand’s visibility through the testimony of others. Also, there is an excellent chance of being reviewed as one of the Malaysian businesses with Toll free numbers.

If you go with the right brand, you can optimise sales by using the analytics features that come with your service provider’s Toll free services. For brands such as TM and Toll Free Malaysia, ViSight Reports is an analytics tool that comes with their services. It helps them to harness the details of their calls, measure the growth of customers engagement and how it commensurates business performance.

With ViSight, you have a complementary tool that provides insights in sales performance. It allows you to monitor customers’ contact with your business, measure response time/ rate, optimise staffing resources according to caller demand.

Hence, it is not just enough to get any Toll free number for your Malaysian business; go the extra mile to consider the best service provider that works fine for you in terms of price, flexibility, analytics, and support for your brands.


Popular Brands that use Toll free number, Malaysia

Here are some popular Asian and Malaysian business brands that optimise toll free numbers for their advantage.

Cyngus technologies: This is a Malaysian business and multi-solution provider in software for small, medium, and corporate enterprises.

Fujitsu: The Japanese multinational IT brand manufactures equipment and provides technological solutions all across the world. With extensive coverage and subsidiaries under the arms: PFU Limited, Fujitsu marketing, and so on, the business continues to strive and to establish different branches. Fujitsu Malaysia boasts of improved and unique customer service delivery via the use of Toll free numbers.

Pizza Hut: It is a Malaysian Pizza house that creates different kinds of pizza for customers satisfaction. Optimising the Toll free number and ViSight analytics, the brand boasts of adequate home distribution delivery coverage.

Strait Times: An English-language press house owned by the Singapore Press Holdings. With vast news delivery across Asia for various English consumers, Strati Times keeps in touch with its customers using Toll-free numbers.

TNT Express Worldwide: TNT Express Worldwide is a courier/logistic company that delivers parcels to different clients of different classes globally. The contact Manager, Vivien Lee, testified that having a Toll free number has helped their efficiency in handling service operation and has helped their credibility as a brand.

ViSight: ViSight is a business solution provider that provides solutions to business needs using smart AI technologies. Based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, ViSight has been harnessing the power of Toll free number for its services.


Getting a Toll free Number for Business, Malaysia

Getting a Toll-free number in this current age has become easier than it was some years ago. What you need to do is to identify a Malaysian based Toll free number provider and do a little research on what they have to offer. Ideally, consider more than one, to compare prices and offerings. Consider your business need for a 1300 or 1800 number and make a parallel comparison with your identified companies. Check features, plans and packages, and so on. Go for the brand that appeals to you the most. Set up an account and keep enjoying. Ideally, the monthly charge for a toll free service is cheaper than the activation fee. So, don’t think about the activation cost; consider the post-activation cost and how much your business can afford a reputable toll free service. You can read extensively on how to get toll free numbers in simple steps.

Choosing a Malaysian Toll Free service provider is important because they understand the market dynamics and needs of the Malaysian call services. Also, they are easier to reach, in case you have a complaint or an issue that you would like to discuss with them.

On a final note, don’t delay your decision to get a Toll free number. Go for the best brand offering that works for you. Various businesses are boasting of efficient service delivery to their customers. You can get the same, too.

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