5 Efficient Ways to Make Every Interaction with Customers Amazing

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“Treat others as you want to be treated.” Have you ever heard of this golden rule? 

The customer service golden rule should be “Treat customers as you want to be treated as a customer.” We’ve written about the importance of empathy in a customer-facing role a few times before, and it deserves to be underscored again here.

It might sound simple, but making sure each and every one of your customer interactions demonstrate your empathy for your customers’ struggles, and your gratitude for their loyalty, goes a long way. Here are some ways to do that:

Show empathy and gratitude. Thank your customers — for everything. Thanks for their patience if your company has a breakdown or disruption in service. Thanks for understanding whether you are making a mistake or your company. Thanks for renewing or buying back their loyalty. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, whether that is good or bad.

Respond empathically to customer complaints and problems. Say “I’m sorry” for whatever impacts the issue has in their daily routine. The issue could be losing the time or money, or simply causing a tremendous headache. You don’t always know what’s going on in your customers’ daily lives, so if they come to you with a problem — big or small, err on the apologetic side.

If customers have a history of positive business experiences, they are more likely to spend more and be loyal longer. Do your part to make every sign-off positive and gracious so that your customers will feel good working with you.

Be transparent and communicative.

It’s extremely important to be transparent when communicating with your customers — especially when it’s about a mistake or mistake caused by yourself or your product. Do not hesitate to use your empathy and gratitude muscles to explain the situation, apologize for the issue and communicate how it happened — and how it won’t happen again.

If it could happen again, be clear about that so that your client can prepare for the future.

Especially if your product or service relates to the personal data or information of customers, or if your product serves as a recording system for a customer’s own business, you need to take your responsibility to your customers seriously.

Customers want to understand what you’re doing in today’s era of data breaches and credit card hacking to fix problems and prevent them from happening again. Make sure that during times like these you are prepared with transparent customer communications — and if you are not, ask your team manager or manager for better guidance.

Talk like a human.

Another suggestion to make your customers love to reach out to you — even when there’re problems — is to speak like a human.

When your customers call or write to you in need of assistance, they are not looking for scripted corporate-speak. Especially if you communicate on social media with customers, scripted, formal language can sound hollow and insincere.

If you’re in the middle of solving a customer problem, feel free to remain professional in the language. But once you have solved the problem of a customer, or if a customer reaches out to share positive feedback, feel free to be less scripted and more self-serving.

Use good judgment to authentically communicate with clients in your voice. If customers reach you on Twitter, for example, don’t be shy about responding with a GIF or a hashtag back to them. If you leave them a comment about Instagram, try working in an emoji. Small personal touches can appeal to your clients and make them more excited to connect with you.

Always Keep Them Informed and Up to Date

This is probably the most important part of interactions with customer service but doesn’t lie to your customers. Whether you’re trying to calm them down or make a problem look smaller than it is, it’s important, to be frank about the cost, timelines, and quality of the fix or service you’re offering. 

Don’t let positive customer experiences turn sour, because you can’t deliver on your promise that you made.

Be as Available as Possible

Having a good interaction with customers all boils down to how fast you can help solve their problem. Thus, consider placing a live chat widget on your website, responding promptly to customers in the same social media or digital channel that they reached out to you, or even setting up a toll-free 24/7 customer support line for your business as these will all show your customers that you are available.

To wrap this up, it’s very important to always make fantastic interaction with customers. The better the interaction you provide to the client, the longer the client to keep on dealing with you. Worries aside, Cyngus Technologies can provide you with the most real solution of having great customer service. Do you want some more tips regarding customer satisfaction? Reach us at 1 800 22 2020 or you can visit our website tollfreemalaysia.com. Complete Your Brand with TM Tollfree from Cyngus Technologies! 


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