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Customer service is an essential part of any organization, and this, most of the time, stands out even more than their marketing strategy and adverts. A platform and opportunity for a company to show her customers that they care, solve their problems, answer their questions and consequently connect with them more is through a reputable customer service. So when done well, this singular act can resonate with customers for an extended time.

It is, therefore, essential to train the customer service team or customer support agent of your company, just as other teams such as marketing or sales teams are trained. This would not only give an amazing picture and view to your customers but would, also, inspire positive rating and word-of-mouth advertisement are your best advocate; just like the saying – Happy customers are made when the services are great. Not just training, though; having the right tools set such as a Toll-free number (1300 or 1800) and a good customer engagement platform will greatly help any business.

Customer service training is the teaching that employees are made to undergo to improve their skills, competencies, to improve customer support and satisfaction. At customer service training, employees are taught how to serve customers better in return for increased value from the company’s products or services. It is a known fact that the customers are the best growth opportunity for a company. Therefore, all hands must be on deck to make them happy, hence the reason they are taught how to interact and deal with customers.

Skills to train and develop employees in:

  1. Passion

Although passion is not much of a skill, it’s an important part and trait needed to excel in the customer service field. With a passion for customers, providing services to their satisfaction and delight hence turning them into promoters is easier. Displaying a passion for working with customers and helping others solve their problems is vital.

  1. Good communication

In all spheres, communication is a vital key and skill. New and improved communication techniques should be taught to customer service agents, new hires should be able to display their ability too, to simplify topics that seem complicated and be able to explain it to others.

  1. Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is the ability to cope with stressful situations or unusual problems. Prevailing over obstacles hindering success with a meaningful activity or project. The difference between the response “I do not know” and “I will find out” is resourcefulness. A good customer service agent must show some resourcefulness, ingenuity or at least a willingness to figure things out.

  1. Emotional intelligence

Just as customers cannot all be the same, the customer service team gets to deal with so many and different customer problems that could be silly and meagre to the agent, being incredibly patient to listen, understand and decipher the problem is important.



Importance of customer service training

A successful business does not end at the point where buyers pay for a commodity – product or service. Instead, it becomes successful when that customer is satisfied and retained. Effective customer service is a competitive edge and advantage over competitors through the level of customer experience that is delivered. A happy customer who has consulted your customer support agent might just be satisfied with the response from the customer support agent and go on to promote your business and recommend it to friends.

Also, to bring about new innovation and business, a happy and delighted customer are the best tools for the broader population. Aside from customer retention, customer service helps with indirect publicity; thereby inviting prospective customers to the brand and company too.

An excellent customer training course should provide new hires with all essential details, which includes: the timeline for training and schedules for sessions in training explicitly explained. The technologies to be used are introduced to the newbies too, and if there is a need for setup, they are taught appropriately. Little information like the printer, phone/headset and computer/monitor information are provided to them too. Software and operating systems required for the role are explained and identified too. Resources and instructions that would ease the learning process are also provided.

Furthermore, Customer service agents (new hires) are provided with tips and a few best practices on how to interact with those who call or send in mails. They are equipped with resources that would meet the need of prospective customers who get on the phone or send in emails for support needs. Customers, whether patient or not, angry, rude or shouting, can all be handled by the customer service agents as would be taught in the customer service training.


A customer service agent must get accessible quickly, hence the importance of a toll-free number. Toll-free service provides potential customers with a free and convenient way to contact businesses for enquiry or other purposes. Such numbers allow the callers to reach businesses even those out of the area without being charged a fee for the call. In other words, it is a freeway for customers to access companies and businesses for support needs without being charged airtime money.

In cases where the toll-free numbers are “text-enabled”, customers can send text messages to the toll-free numbers and consequently, businesses can send texts too in response.

A support call should follow a professional, yet friendly structure. For example, greetings, listening patiently to the customer’s problem, repeating the issue back to confirm your understanding, accuracy and attentiveness, looking for a solution and providing it or in some cases, redirect the customer to the proper person. Finally, conclude the call and thank the customer.

To encourage customers’ engagement and interaction, adopting and training your staff on how to use Toll-free is a way forward. Get a toll-free Malaysia number today and eliminate customers’ worry for call charges. 1300 call charges in Malaysia would be free for customers. However, for your enterprise, you can choose a very flexible subscription plan. Toll Free Malaysia is very easy to set up and there are no connection fees. Take this opportunity today and increase customers’ loyalty.

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