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Businesses recognise the significance of an online presence, and they also recognise that their brand will get lost in the market looking for a black cat in a coal cellar without digital marketing.

We’ll see how you can leverage the potential of digital marketing in this article to take your business to the next level.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

The place where your audience spends most of their time is social media. Some 3.48 billion people in the world use social media, according to a report, they spend 2 hours and 23 minutes browsing through their social media feeds every single day.

By developing an efficient digital marketing strategy, a wise company would latch on to this massive chance. Social media is a great tool for keeping your users engaged with your brand, but in the form of bland advertising, it should not be.

Instead, social media should be treated more like an informal meeting place where customers with a common interest come and share their thoughts; unless they are interested in hearing more about the brand, nobody would like a brand to invade this space with their commercial message.

Make sure that you do not come across as one of those pesky advertisers who love to ruin all the fun. An attractive image or a short meme would do the trick, don’t try to overdo it.

Monitor the results of your social media activity and tweak your strategy accordingly. Although competitor research is always a good idea, try to create your brand’s unique personality on the social media platform rather than outrightly copying your competitor.

Social media is an ideal platform to ensure two-way communication. Customers love it when a brand asks them for opinions and then actually go ahead and implements their suggestions. You can hire an efficient social media marketing company to achieve your social media marketing goals more effectively.

This way you will hit to kill two flies with one slap,

  1. You will save hundreds of dollars on costly market research
  2. You will connect with your users on a deeper level.

Increased Targeted Reach

Any good digital marketing company would first segment the market into small customer groups, and then take a call regarding how to proceed with the digital marketing efforts for each customer group.

Unlike mass media advertising like print, T.V., and Radio, Digital marketing allows marketers to target particular customer groups with relative ease. For example: – if you run a shoe company, then you can target your formals to office going customers by preparing relevant ads and posting them on LinkedIn groups or other appropriate channels. Similarly, you can target the kids’ shoe market by placing ads on cartoon YouTube channels.

By targeting your ads to customers who are already interested in a product/service, you ensure that you do not waste precious resources in preparing generic advertisements which have a meagre conversion ratio. Nobody, neither you nor your customers are going to benefit from a run-of-the-mill advertising campaign.

Digital marketing will help you in relating to your audience by using the actual words and phrases that they use in their daily life. As before building a digital marketing campaign, this is the essential homework that any digital marketing expert will like to do.

Tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook insights can help you in identifying the online usage patterns of your customers.

You can start targeting the customers by their online purchase behaviour, loyalty, demographics, and other factors. It will help you in understanding your customers better. By aiding you in knowing your customer better, Digital marketing helps in improving the quality of your product/service.

Power of Personalization

Digital marketing can help your business to personalize your marketing message. Research indicates that customers have a desire for better personalization; they want their brands to listen.

All of us want to be felt listened to; brands that listen to their customers are the ones that get the lion’s share of their wallets. By leveraging the power of digital marketing, your business can harness the potential of personalized marketing.

Personalization has gone far beyond addressing people with their first names and wishing them on their birthdays and anniversaries. It would help if you analysed their usage patterns, their unmet desires and cater your offering accordingly.

While using ad-customizers has become a norm in the industry, marketers are going a step further by using Geo-customizers which change the ad according to the location of the customers. For example: – If someone from New-York is searching for a Warm Jacket, then an ad depicting a sportsperson from the New York Yankees would work better than an ad depicting a sportsman from an Ice Hockey team.

Music company Spotify uses the power of personalization in its discovered weekly playlist. What Spotify does is that it saves the kind of songs that you usually like to hear and then finds out similar songs.

This feature is one of the significant reasons for Spotify’s success. One common mistake that businesses make is confusing personalization with customization.

While personalization deals with recommending products/services that are similar to what the user likes, customization deals with providing a higher level of freedom the customer regarding how he/she wants their products/services.

Instead of making the same off-the-shelf recommendations, your brand can allow the customers to customize the product according to their needs.

By not going for personalization, you are not only missing out on an opportunity but also taking the risk of falling out of favour with your customers. According to research by Hubspot, 3 out of 4 customers feel frustrated with a website which offers generic content which is unrelated to their needs.

Scale Quickly and Control Costs Better

By using tools such as PPC and SEO effectively, your business can scale up much faster than traditional marketing methods.

An appropriate and targeted form of advertising is PPC (pay per click) advertising. You multiply your chances of reaching the right customers by placing your ads on the search engines against specific keywords, as these ads will be shown to customers who are already interested in your service/product. It will allow your company to quickly increase brand awareness and customer base.

The beauty of PPC is that although advertisements will be shown to a large audience, you will only pay for those ads that individuals click on. You philtre out those individuals who have a passing interest in the product/service in this way and connect with individuals who are more likely to buy. PPC enables advertisers to control costs in a better way.

SEO (search engine optimization) would be another efficient strategy to scale up your business with digital marketing. In a search engine, SEO is the process of gaining a better ranking against relevant keywords. SEO is much cheaper than PPC, even in the long term. If you want to earn more organic traffic for your website, you will need to emphasise quality content.

A good digital marketing agency can help you in preparing and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy.

Better Communication

By using digital marketing, you ensure that your brand stays connected with your clients. As your customers can easily let you know about their preferences via social media and other channels, it helps to create clear, convincing and two-way communication channels between you and your customers. As customers who engage with a brand tend to remain more loyal to that brand, your business benefits from it.

Digital marketing guarantees that the customer’s preferences are taken care of throughout the whole customer journey. It helps to pass on the message that the client is cared for by the brand.

Digital marketing allows brands to establish more one-to-one personal communication with their customers and thus helps to build trust with customers.

It is suggested that you allocate a separate team to manage the suggestions and complaints received on your brand’s social media page and other channels. It will ensure that two-way communication flows smoothly and create a positive brand image of your company among prospective buyers.

Better ROI

Digital ad spending in the U.S. is estimated to soon surpass traditional ad spending. We see this trend because marketers realise that better ROI is provided by digital media, and digital marketing also allows businesses to have a better understanding of ROI.

In comparison with other forms of marketing, digital marketing tracking ROI (return on investment) is more comfortable. Tools for analytics help you to gain strategic insights into how well your money is being spent. Using analytics tools, you can see which approach works and which does not, thus helping you to eliminate strategies that do not work.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is leading to the development of new businesses, providing consumers and businesses with opportunities to communicate with each other. Regardless of which industry you are in, digital marketing will be a vital part of your marketing reservoir, whether you are a new business or an enterprise-level company.

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