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Has it ever crossed your mind how can customer personalisation bring more sales to your business? Seth Godin, an author and entrepreneur said in his speech that;

Personalisation wasn’t assumed to be a skillfully veiled way to chase prospects across the web, revealing them the same clickbaity ad as everyone else sees for the same lame stuff. No, this is an opportunity to differentiate on a human scale, to use behaviour as the most important indication of what people want and what they need.” 

The quote is a perfect definition of personalisation in customer service – unless the efforts of a company develop stronger ties and long-lasting relationships with customers, they’d have to keep trying. In customer service, personalisation is about continuing to keep customers happy and satisfied in their association with the company.

There is no business without customers – they can either create or devastate a business and therefore, to take good customer relationships to great, personalisation in customer service has to remain a sustained effort. Customer service personalisation is the route to building confidence and trust with customers, which in turn leads to repeat purchase, loyalty, and brand advocacy.

Consumers have progressed – they are more actively engaged; they have a broader base of knowledge and they are not willing to compromise on the standards they set. With such wisdom and insight in dealing with businesses, giving them anything but the best has become challenging for business. Higher expectations of service standards have resulted in companies aiming at customer service personalisation in all interactions.

Customer service personalisation contributes customers to feel more attached and actively involved with a business. These feelings guarantee reduced chances of customer churn and strife – customers would feel happy to be associated with a business and would do their bit to let others acknowledge their satisfying experiences. Positive word of mouth would entice other potential customers to explore business partnerships with a business – this is a more powerful marketing technique than every method.

Companies gain a better and more in-depth insight into their current and potential customer base through customer service personalisation. The greater the understanding of the customer needs and expectations, the more individualized products and services a company can create for its customers. The demand for such products would be greater, leading to higher sales and profits for the company.

Customers are a discerning lot – they are sure to reciprocate the company’s hard work when they perceive unfeigned customer service personalisation efforts. Customers willingly to take part in the company’s ambassador role and actively spread good things about the company and its offerings.

Personalisation in customer service also encompasses customized messages and content for customers. With several choices and an overwhelming amount of data now available to customers, they will find it hard to choose from. To cut through this ‘noise’ and confusion, a business should provide precise content and lucid messages that hit home with customers.

Such messages also ensure that information passes quickly and is readily usable to customers. Reliability, usefulness, and speed are three extremely significant factors for customers when deciding who and for how long they will remain associated with.

Through customer service personalisation, companies show their knowledge of customer preferences, past buying behaviour and history, and their relationships with competitors in the company.

In turn, customers reciprocate by sharing insights about them willingly, which reassures a company that a customer feels engaged yet connected and would be happy to contribute to its accomplishment.

Manifest personalisation in customer service by acknowledging each customer by name. This elevates engagement and makes them feel valued and important, building a personal connection with them. Think back to your own customer experiences- wasn’t it a great feeling to be addressed by name and a sincere smile? A company can manifest personalisation even in the messages it sends out by highlighting the customer’s name to the message.

There are several ways in which a business can reveal customer service personalisation and businesses should make it a point to include as many of these as possible. Personalisation contributes to loyalty and can change a company’s customer behaviour and buying patterns-for a very long time.

Personalization in customer service comes about by genuinely wanting to serve customers, ensuring that employees are well taken care of, and raising the overall standards of using emotional intelligence prevalent in the company. What would you say is the level of personalization in your company? Interested in personalising customer service? Give us a call at 1 800 22 2020 today and you can also visit our website tollfreemalaysia.com. Cyngus Technologies – Complete Your Brand!

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